Ivan Urgant is planning an escape to Israel

Иван Ургант планирует побег в Израиль Leading received a new passport and became citizen of another country. Showman immigrated together with his family – wife Natalia and two children, so now they all have an Israeli ID card.
Иван Ургант планирует побег в Израиль

On 10 June, a famous TV presenter, actor and showman Ivan Urgant arrived in tel Aviv at the airport Ben-Gurion, became a citizen of Israel. He used his background and the opportunities offered by the Israeli Law of return anyone with Jewish roots.

Since last year, the procedure for obtaining an Israeli passport simplified – if you had to become a repatriate (i.e., “returned”) and the holder of the document was only a year after arriving in the country, now have the opportunity to obtain a certificate immediately and directly at the airport. Together with Ivan the new passport was issued to his wife Natalia and children.

Иван Ургант планирует побег в Израиль

Urgant rarely raises a national issue. Ten years ago in interview to Vladimir Pozner, Ivan has answered a direct question about their nationality, stating that it flows not only Jewish blood.

“Our family legend has it that the name came from Scandinavia. Seriously. Some still write my name with the letter “d” on the end, and then, of course, has roots in the middle East. But my grandfather was a full blooded Jew. Accordingly, I – into quarters. But this blood – she’s always in the most unexpected moment makes itself known,” – said Ivan ten years ago.

Israeli passport gives visa-free access to 161 countries, and, of course, with this document you can live in the country and to rely for citizens rights and benefits.

Ivan was the third famous person from Russia, who took advantage of the amendment on the simplification of obtaining a passport immigrant. Their Israeli passport for this scheme had already received Roman Abramovich and Emmanuil Vitorgan.

Israeli media expressed uncertainty that Ivan will move to the country permanently. Journalists believe that Ivan will leave Israel in a few days, as the planned filming of “Evening Urganta”. This information was reported vesty.co.il.

Later Ivan Urgant commented on the information in your Instagram. The showman confirmed that now in Israel, but promised to return, and assured that he has no plans to leave Russia. However, obtaining an Israeli passport is not denied. Note that some Russian citizens had dual citizenship, that is, except Russian and Israeli.

“Friends! Subscribers! Thank you all for such excitement and anxiety. I really went to Israel…For two days.Here is buried the woman who raised me and whom I love very much – my great-grandmother and my aunt. I remain the citizen of Russia, love my country and to leave it is not going. Out of respect for my family please: do not scare my grandmother Nina Nikolaevna of my mythical emigration! Happy Day of Russia! To evening on the Ground,” wrote Ivan Urgant.