The son of Sergey Zverev married for the second time

Сын Сергея Зверева женился во второй раз The heir to the flamboyant stylist again and got married. Chosen one young man became his colleague, a girl named Julia. Details of the celebration said “StarHit” a close family friend Rustam Solntsev.
Сын Сергея Зверева женился во второй раз

Sergei Zverev, Jr. married a second time. The young man was Dating one for about a year and had a wedding ceremony. The girl’s name is Julia, she worked with a young man. A close family friend stylist Rustam Solntsev told the details of the occasion, and recalled past failed marriage Zverev, Jr.

“I talked to Julia and asked her a few questions, does she love Sting, he’s good. But his heart is tender. And I worry very, as if she, too, is not deceived, because the wedding was upset, the family life disintegrated just a couple of months. And they decided to divorce. That is, there was, as I told Serge, using it. There is a little bit different, and the girl some other and somehow spiritual to the Earring belongs,” said Solntsev “StarHit”.
Сын Сергея Зверева женился во второй раз

According to the showman, he genuinely happy for the son of a stylist and believes in a happy future for the couple. Rustam said that this time the holiday menu event was modest.

“I can say from my own experience. Than the more elaborate the wedding the faster the divorce. So I think that the guys this time and got to know each other, they are almost a year together. This is important they told me. So I feel really happy, do not regret that I did not get much sleep,” added Solntsev.

Today his son Sergei Zverev rarely speaks to reporters. The young man has nothing to show business. He lives in the suburbs, working as a laborer at the hotel. Heir stylist said in an interview in the early fall that is planning a wedding. “Yes, my heart is not free. I’m Dating a girl, she works as a receptionist in hotel. Dad and her have never been introduced, if not yet provided. Why would you want to do”, – said Sergei Zverev, Jr. to reporters.

The famous father has a negative attitude to all the chosen son. Zverev-senior refuses to meet girls only heir.