“Moscow does not believe in tears”: the ordeal in the life of actors of the cult film

«Москва слезам не верит»: суровые испытания в жизни актеров культового фильма The artists, who played in the film, not only got national love, but are faced with difficult moments. Over 35 years ago on the screens of the country came the picture that made the viewer believe: “Moscow is a big lottery. Here you can all win”. The film received the award “Oscar”. But whether he was “lucky ticket” in the future actors?
«Москва слезам не верит»: суровые испытания в жизни актеров культового фильма

Two-part film “Moscow does not believe in tears” became a significant event in the world of Soviet cinema. The picture was published in the spring of 1980 as a “gift” to women on March 8. Is perceived as the story of the protagonist – a local, single mother, self-made in life and met love at a Mature age. The film received the Oscar in 1981 as the best foreign language film. But neither the Director nor the performers of the main roles is not released from the country at the awards ceremony. “StarHit” remember how there was the fate of actors cult films.

Raisa Ryazanova

«Москва слезам не верит»: суровые испытания в жизни актеров культового фильма

Raisa Ryazanova played many roles in movies. But in the movie “Moscow does not believe in tears” the role of Toshi, a friend of the main character, and remember liking the audience like no other. Later in the interview, the actress recalled: “For me, this picture does not stand out among other: a job like any other. Woke up after her famous, to learn on the streets and ask for autographs began much later. The success of the cult of the picture passed, went to kinabatagan Vera Alentova Irina Muravyova, they went to the festivals”. The actress treated this with understanding. “Grateful for the luck that played in the film, which has become literally a national treasure” – said Raisa Ryazanova in an interview.

On one of the evenings, on the question of happiness, Raisa Ryazanov replied: “Tosya my happy. Have Ryazanova such a fate is not.” Now, many years later, the actress realized that interrupting her quiet family happiness. But at a young age, she was unable to resist the feeling, took possession of it. A passionate affair was the cause of her divorce with her husband. An affair with a married man lasted about 10 years, but the marriage has not ended: “He was my king and God. And maybe, just fueled my love and devotion, flattered my silent admiration, – recalls the actress about the subject of his passion. – When Heaven during the ten years of Opera, “grown up” and professional, and personal, firmly on its legs stood up and let go of his arms. One day just stopped calling”. She took everything as is, nothing was asked for, not jealous of his other life, though, and realized, “if I stayed with my husband, like my Antonia and would I have a life.”


Alexei Batalov

«Москва слезам не верит»: суровые испытания в жизни актеров культового фильма

The leading male role, goshi, or George – Alexei Batalov. The greatest actor, the Director, has incorporated several eras. He was personally acquainted with Anna Akhmatova, and even lived for some time at her home in Leningrad. In 40 years, he was a folk artist. Students of VGIK worshipped him. He played in the Moscow art Theater and the Central Theater of the Soviet Army. Long time worked on the radio.

Alexei Batalov turned to his wife before his death

“Batalov an extraordinary voice. He’s thawing a voice… it must be bottled at the pharmacy vials and sell it as vitamins. Moreover, it should be allowed to listen in sanatoriums and hospitals – he brings people to life” – said Alexey Vladimirovich friend and colleague Yuri Norstein.

For almost 60 years he has lived in marriage with his wife Gitana. It seemed that their feelings have been tested: they were married only after 10 years of Dating. But family trouble came. From-for medical errors the newborn daughter of actor for life remain disabled.

“When we realized that our girl became disabled because of someone else’s negligence, there was a sense of anger and bitterness. But I realized that clashing with someone, my daughter’s health will not return. Time was lost, we accepted… of Course, we were hoping that her daughter will recover. Didn’t want to give up,” shared the actor.

And after the long years of struggle and recovery. Gitana A. and Alexey have done everything, to see their daughter grown man with a broad Outlook. Maria was remotely educated, read a lot. “Mary loves music, writes professional articles. Thanks to a special keyboard can work on the computer,” – said Alexey Vladimirovich. He illustrated a book of fairy tales Mary “was, and was not” – it was the special pride of the artist. “The tests are sent over, and God watches how people survive,” said the actor in an interview.

Boris Smorchkov

«Москва слезам не верит»: суровые испытания в жизни актеров культового фильма

Actor Boris Smorchkov played in the movie the role of an exemplary family man Nicholas. But personal life of the actor was always “behind the scenes”. The actor was married only once. It was an early “student” marriage. Unfortunately, marital bliss was short-lived. The young wife wanted to leave the country. Boris did not prevent her from leaving. But left alone, until the end of his days pained by the separation. “In my life there was only one passion – my wife Anna Varpakhovskaya, daughter of the famous Director. But, unfortunately, happy we were short. She was torn in Canada. But I refused to leave the country, we got divorced. Glad that Toronto is where it all came together: luxury apartment, new husband, kids, own theatre… And I’m still living one,” the actor recalled in an interview shortly before his death.

On account of the actor more than 80 film roles of the second plan. From 1971 to 2004 he served in the theater “Contemporary”. But neither fame nor high fees work the actor has not brought. In an interview, Boris admitted that for a year and a half working on the movie “Moscow does not believe in tears” he’s got about 600 rubles. Anyway, about the atmosphere on set, the actor is always remembered fondly: “on set we were constantly causing mischief, laughing, goofing around, and in the frame were drinking real vodka.” For many years a friendly relationship connected Boris with actress Raisa Ryazanova, his partner in the film.

Until the fifties, the actor, a native Muscovite and lived in a hostel at the Sovremennik theatre, which she had left for health reasons. It knows and remembers more than one generation of actors of the theatre. Only a few years before his death he received a two-room apartment in the center of Moscow.

Natalya Vavilova

«Москва слезам не верит»: суровые испытания в жизни актеров культового фильма

20-year-old actress, who plays Alexandra, the daughter of the main character, remembered by the audience for its beauty and bright talent. The film’s success strengthened the desire of Natalia becoming a professional actress. She easily finished the University and went on to star in the 80-ies. By the way, on the premiere of the movie Natalia met with the Director Samvel by Gasparovi, a classmate of Vladimir Menchov, who later became her husband.

But in 1986 on the film “Nicholas Podvoisky” with the actress had an accident. The film was shot at the Studio of Gorky. Before you begin shooting Natalia for a long time, went to training and is well behaved in the saddle. It was decided to play without an understudy. But at the rehearsals an employee of the racetrack by mistake brought a horse with a sore back. From the pain the animal reared and threw the rider. The actress received a spinal injury, which caused psychological stress. Moreover, the film’s Director, Yuri Boretsky quickly found a replacement for Natalya Vavilova. To get rid of the Blues, Natalia and her husband went on a trip to Europe. Natalia has gained strength and returned to his former life. However, after the injury, she starred in two movies: in the painting of her husband “road Vultures”(1990), as well as in the film “the Case Sukhovo-Kobylin” (1991). In this acting career of Natalya Vavilova is over.

Since the early 90s Natalya Vavilova rarely comes in contact with the press. It is known that she attends Church, socializes with the father, gives to charity. The actress with great love grows flowers and enjoys design.

Alexander Fatyushin

«Москва слезам не верит»: суровые испытания в жизни актеров культового фильма

The artist performed in the movie the role of Sergei Gurin, athlete. This role is permanently “stuck” to the actor. Alexander, like his hero, was fond of sports. A kid playing football in the youth team of Almaz, OOO (Ryazan), was part of the football team of actors in Moscow. Was friendly with many players.

“On the one hand, Sasha was proud of. I am the Oscar! Success, fame — great. But there was a downside: “Fatyushin? It’s the drunk, drunken hockey player?”. This story has haunted him all his life, recalled the actor’s widow, actress Elena Molchenko.- The main part of the fans and held Sasha in the last journey with the idea that the fallen had died from drinking an athlete. And I’m always asked: “why did he die?”, ready to savor the tragic story of how Fatyushin, hungry and cold, without waiting for serving vodka freezes under the fence…”

In recent years the actor had a conflict with the Director of the theatre named after Mayakovsky and Sergey Artsibashev. As a result of nervous tension have exacerbated long-standing illnesses. The actor had problems with vision – life Alexander was injured retina, needed emergency surgery. He also had chronic pneumonia since childhood. And complications of the disease affected the heart. As a result, Alexander died at the age of 52 years.

Eugene Kanaeva

«Москва слезам не верит»: суровые испытания в жизни актеров культового фильма

The actress Evgenia Janeway, performer of the role “principal” mother of Rodion, was a bit of movie work. This is mainly the role of the second plan. The actress started acting at a Mature age. She was well managed and dramatic, and comedic and grotesque characters. Each role is exciting and vibrant.

It is not the same “right” was the life of the actress. As a result of “office romance” with a scene partner, the actress left the family, leaving 14-year-old son. Eugene was hoping to start a family with her new lover. The son could not forgive her betrayal and ceased all communication. Personal life the actress has replaced work. When the actress bought a car “Zhiguli”, it became a new passion, which proved fatal.

In the mid-1980s, a few years after the release of the movie “Moscow does not believe in tears”, Eugene Kanaeva to his car got in an accident, which resulted in the injury of the spine. The actress felt very strong pain, but continued to play in the theater. In the hope of improvement, the movie star turned to the famous neurosurgeon Edward Candela. The day before she decided to call my son. He immediately came. The operation was carried out in October 1987, but, unfortunately, unsuccessfully. Eugene nikandrovna not came out of the coma after graduation, and without regaining consciousness, has died at the age of 66 years. The actress hasn’t learned about awarding her the title of people’s artist of the USSR…

Oleg Tabakov

«Москва слезам не верит»: суровые испытания в жизни актеров культового фильма

Oleg Tabakov played in the movie the role of Vladimir, the lover of Catherine. Alas, this role is familiar to the actor is not only scenario. After coming to the theatre “Tabakerka” the young actress Marina Suginoi, in the soul of the desert passions. At that time he was married to actress Lyudmila Krylova. The family had a son and a daughter. The Marina was only a year older daughter Alexandra Tabakova. But between teacher and student affair broke out, which lasted more than 10 years.

Oleg Tabakov was first told about the reasons of rupture with his wife

For twelve years the Director did not dare to leave the family. He believed that while children can firmly stand on his feet, he has no right to leave my family. Tobacco filed for divorce in 1994 after 35 years of marriage. He felt that the children have grown up, and he has the right to start a new life. Son Anton was 33 then, and daughters Sasha – 29. However, children considered it a betrayal that the decision of the father. Later, the relationship of father and son is still normal. Anton communicated with her father and his new family. But the daughter, Alexandra, also an actress, was unable to accept his father’s death. She left her father’s theatre, and later the profession. The girl all of a sudden married a student from Germany Jan Lifers, and left the country. The couple had a daughter Pauline. But the family happiness did not last long. After a couple of years Tabakov, Alexander returned to Russia, first worked on radio, voiced children’s stories, some time has been the TV show “Go!”. Alexander to this day prevents all sorts of fellowship with the father and his children from his second marriage. More than 20 years, they do not communicate.

82-year-old Director hard going through a breakup with his daughter. Married to Marina Tabakova Suginoi have two children. Son Paul is an actor, and daughter Maria still in school. The actor has three grandchildren who are older than Paul, and Mary.

Vladimir Basov

The role of Anton Kruglov – famous Soviet actor Vladimir Basov. On account of his many roles in film and theater. Bass is a talented, versatile artist. He had a memorable appearance, expressive facial expressions, and irresistible “negative” charm. All the works of the actor of the profound and attractive. But not everyone knows the personal life of the actor, full of tragedies and disappointments.

Three failed marriages with bright, beautiful Actresses. The actor was suffering from bouts of jealousy, went to binges and depression. However, as a result of divorce with actress Valentina Titova, the court ruled to leave the children with the father. Valentina Titova was justified for the “disappearance” of children’s lives

The actor has supported the desire of daughter Elizabeth to be a dancer. When she entered the Vaganova school in Leningrad, the Bass sound, to see his daughter often traveled to the Northern capital, combining these trips with work at Lenfilm. After graduating from College, Elizabeth has married a citizen of Greece and left the country. Two sons Basov, Vladimir and Alexander, connected his life with the cinema. Today they are successful Directors and producers.

A few years after the release of the film “Moscow to tears does not believe” in 1983, the actor had his first stroke. As a result, Vladimir Basov paralyzed left side. To maintain financial situation he was given-time Director assistant. The actor died in September 1987 in Moscow from the second stroke.