У сына Николасаса Кейджа отобрали его  детей
Weston cage banned from approaching his ex-wife.

У сына Николасаса Кейджа отобрали его  детей

Weston cage and Nicolas cage


Nicolas cage is very worried about his adult, 26-year-old
son, Weston, who gave birth to him at the time, a friend of actor — Christina
Fulton. Nicholas thinks that if he had paid the son a little more time, he would not
came to such a life. The fact that this year Weston has already been arrested for
the drunk driving and disobeying
police. And now the ex-wife of Weston and the mother of his two children — Daniel filed a restraining order,
noting that fears of manifestations of the “physical violence against her” from the
ex-husband that turned out to be first
has happened more than once.

Now the son of a Kage has no right to approach her until June
2018. Worse, the divorce Danielle managed not only to sole
custody of the children, i.e. grandchildren of the cage. Ex-wife of Weston had made a
limit visitation rights. Now Weston will videosas each of the sons
more than once a week, and – for a while. Moreover, if the father of Daniel, who
will be present at the rendezvous, find
they are not properly from his point of view, in a way, Weston to lose even
such meetings with children…

But three years ago, when
born the eldest of the sons of Weston — Lucian,Weston assured that experienced a “spiritual
rebirth”, ready to leave for my son to drink and to start a new life. Alas, the son
Cage couldn’t keep their promises…

Weston cage with his wife Danielle