Любовник Скарлетт Йоханссон заявил о своем намерении на ней жениться
Fans have been waiting for the announcement of the engagement of the actress with Colin Gostom.

Любовник Скарлетт Йоханссон заявил о своем намерении на ней жениться

Scarlett Johansson


Colin Jost.


As told one of the friends of 35-year-old actor and TV host Colin
Zosta, he is ready to marry his girlfriend 33 —year-old Scarlett Johansson, with which it
first seen in public in the beginning of this year. As admitted, Jost. he’s just
loves Scarlett and wants her to be with him always. Colin has not yet made her
a formal proposal, but has set his sights on the ring.

In fact, according to friends of the pair, Johansson started
to meet Colin last spring — after she
met him at a party with mutual friends. However, Scarlett is quite long
tried not to appear with Gostom in public. Because she was difficult
divorce with her now ex-husband Roman Duracom,
whom she lived in wedlock for about two years. And Scarlett was trying to be
careful, because the main “stumbling block” in their divorce was not part
property, and disputes over custody of the little daughter Johansson and Doriana —
Rose, that my father wanted to take to his home in France, But recently
the actress finalized my divorce, and she was able to defend the child. Girl
stayed with her, so now Johansson is nothing to fear.

Therefore, beginning this fall, actress
everywhere began to openly appear with Gostom. So, a month ago
paparazzi caught her when she kissed Colin on the streets
New York. And then — when Colin gave her a romantic dinner at the restaurant
1700 House in the Hamptons.

Curiously, according to the assurances of the man Colin
he is sure that the actress will answer him Yes to his proposal of marriage.
Meanwhile, those who know Scarlett, sure much smaller. After all
first, it has only recently
freed from the bonds of marriage has oppressed her. And secondly, in one of his
interview, Johansson said that it is extremely difficult to observe monogamy in
relations, and generally considers it to be not quite natural.