На НТВ на Новый год разыграют 2 миллиарда рублей
On the channel are preparing for unprecedented action.

2018 will begin with an unprecedented event: 1 Jan live
NTV will be awarded more than 2 billion rubles! Millions
the Russians will be the winners and will be able to turn their dreams into reality.

It is noteworthy that the entire amount will be drawn without a trace. The jackpot will be drawn on the 15th move to or distributed among
all of the winners of the draw. The game will go to 88-th move. Every second ticket is a winning one. A chance to win is for everyone!

just a month ago the happy owner of a super prize from
“Russian Lotto” in the amount of 506 000 000
became a resident of the Voronezh region, 63-year-old Natalia Petrovna
Vlasov. The winning ticket she bought in the Department of “Mail of Russia”.
The contest is held in a live program “we win” on NTV.
All players Natalya Petrovna all
soul wished have to believe in your luck!

last year the Christmas draw, also in the NTV, it was
awarded more than 1.3 billion rubles. Owners
cash prizes were more than 7 000 000 of our compatriots.
It is expected that this figure will increase significantly during the coming
the circulation of Russian Lotto, and the number of winners exceeds 15 000 000

Christmas edition of “Russian Lotto” will take place on 1 January 2018 20:00 live NTV.