Сын Никаса Сафронова страдает смертельным ожирением Heir of the painter weighs more than 200 pounds. Luke Safronov revealed the truth that his problems come from childhood. Nikas Safronov has promised that he will support his son’s desire to return to health.

      Сын Никаса Сафронова страдает смертельным ожирением

      25-year-old son of Nikas Safronov is in critical condition. Luke weighs over two hundred pounds. Doctors are sounding the alarm – if the young man will not take for their health, he may die.

      The Studio program “live” was full of familiar star families, experts and doctors. Luka gave to understand that the roots of its problems go back to childhood. As an example, the young man remembered one of the conversations with the famous father.

      “Father gave me a picture in the bedroom. I always dreamed of a picture of a naked lady, and he said, “lose Weight ” will give”. I once lost weight, as they say, for the sake of laughter. And he wasn’t gonna hurt anything is to give. And again, I decided to get really fat, to the second time for sure…” joked Luke.
      Сын Никаса Сафронова страдает смертельным ожирением

      However, in the Studio, his words were not funny to anyone. The audience don’t immediately believe that a famous artist thus raised the child. But appeared Nikas Safronov was justified for his words.

      “The son is his own man, of course, but I’m worried. It’s physiology, and I agreed with the hypnotist, who may be affected. He has a predisposition for mom, and it’s very hard to deal with it now. When Luke was 16, he was addicted to me and I supported them. But I set a condition: “Come on slim, otherwise I will stop with you.” He has lost weight and lost weight. But he became withdrawn. Stopped responding to calls. Appeared stressful moments, and it was not enough to communicate with people”, – frankly said Safronov.

      Nikas admitted that he regrets that were given attention to his son. “I would, of course, went with him into the pool, swam, I myself am a sporty person. I just supported when you had to give money for concerts, contest, roads, hotels. But I did not have with him such a state of breathing on a sick child,” said the artist.

      Сын Никаса Сафронова страдает смертельным ожирением

      One of the participants of the discussion that ensued after the words Safronova, Irina Agibalova, spoke harshly regarding heard. Eks-the participant “Houses-2” itself a few years ago, dropped 40 pounds of excess weight.

      “I do not mind this form of education. I believe that Nikas is trying from a boy to a man. And I see a wimpy, weak person who tries to depend on his father. If you will constantly think about will help dad or not, you have nothing. Dad’s doing is right. He throws you in the water, so you learned to swim,” said Agibalov.

      Сын Никаса Сафронова страдает смертельным ожирением

      Meanwhile, Nikas admitted that he did not turn away from the son. The artist understands that his heir is a deeply vulnerable man, a survivor of the last time a lot of stressful situations.

      Son of Nikas Safronov blames herself for the fatal diagnosis mom

      In addition, it was found that Safronov was not aware of the real state of health of his son. Luke was holding back the father that his weight is critical. Doctors diagnosed the young man’s life is incompatible with the form of obesity. He was recommended hospitalization. Famous painter admitted that he is depressed by what is happening, and promised after the program start more serious attention to the problems of his son.

      “I think that from today we start to work together,” he assured the audience the artist.