Тяжелая болезнь Светланы Устиненко сплотила ее семью Stars “House-2” forgotten grievances and asked each other’s forgiveness. After a joint trip to the Elbrus region Svetlana Ustinenko, her daughter Aliana and Alexander Gobozov and his mother, Olga finally hooked up.

      Spectators “Houses-2” with interest and horror watching the development of relations Aliana Ustinenko and Alexander Gobozov during their participation in the project. Did not develop relationships between mothers and stars. Constant quarrels and mutual insults and fell from the lips of family members. Gobozova Olga and Svetlana Ustinenko wanted their children to be happy, but to find a common language when this could work.

      The divorce and subsequent reunion Aliani and Alexander became a happy news for fans of the pair. This summer the family is in full strength went to the place called dzhily-su, located in the Elbrus region, to improve their health Svetlana. The woman is not the first year struggling with a serious disease – cancer of the brain. After a trip to the mountains Svetlana Ustinenko published a photo with the family and wrote to him a touching comment.

      “The most important thing is to support the family, to spend more time with them together to ask each other for forgiveness for everything and tell you how much we love them. This is very important and necessary”, – wrote in his microblog Svetlana.

      It seems that family holidays had a positive impact not only on the health of mother Aliana, but also on the ex-participant of telestroke. She posted in Instagram a delicate photo, which kiss with her husband. In the caption the young woman turned to Alexander.

      “Thank you for that in difficult moments, you’re next… Nobody knows how hard it is, no one knows how painful it is… This difficult path we will walk together. Thanks for the support. Thank your mom for help … I really appreciate it. And I love” – shared with followers Aliana.

      “Now you have a good relationship with your mother in law? I remember there was a way to get Here I think, in the “House-2″ all the quarrel was a game or reality? And have the strength to start all over again?”, asked groupies Aliani.

      “Everything was real…” said the star of telestroke. – The main thing – time to recover, to pray for all your sins and start life with a clean slate. It’s hard, but possible.”

      “I’m very glad that you pushed through and still together! That Robik full family! Be happy”, “Aliana, you think about the good! Thoughts materialsource! God bless your mother,” “I’ll pray for your family all was well, and especially for your mom” – supported Aliano followers.