The bankrupt Charlie sheen moved in with her parents

Обанкротившийся Чарли Шин переехал к родителям

The infamous star of the TV series “Two and a half men” Charlie sheen is going back to where its always waiting in his father’s house. Desperate to find a job, once a very successful artist moved to the family home after squandered $ 125 million.

How did you find out the publication of RadarOnline, the actor now lives in the guest house of his parents Martin and Janet Sheen in Malibu. Actor treated for an episode of $ 1.8 million in 2011, was spotted at a cafe near his parents ‘ house.
“It’s sad. He had it all. Huge as in $ 125 million, which he let the wind. Expensive planes, drugs, women – in all that you have to pay. Now Charlie is unlikely to find work. No one wants to hire him” — said the insider.
RadarOnline reports that the 51-year-old Hollywood actor is in a very difficult financial situation because of his ex-wives Brooke Mueller and Denise Richards, which require a too large amount of the alimony. They even had to go to meet him and to knock off the required two times. Instead of 55 thousand dollars a month Charlie will pay each of the wives of 25 thousand. Tire frankly glad and grateful that women came into his position. Moreover, to increase money not anything else, and they have come to an end.
“Charlie’s resources are being depleted every day. Now he is busy working around the house, helps his parents, and that makes them happy,” said the insider.