Александр Незлобин: «Жена знает, что я за все переживаю» The showman felt the strong support of the people closest to you for making the movie. Alexander Nezlobin decided to try himself as a Director and took a picture of the Groom. After hard work and a resident of Comedy Club wants to relax and spend time with family.

      Александр Незлобин: «Жена знает, что я за все переживаю»

      Resident of Comedy Club on TNT Alexander Nezlobin decided to try yourself in the role of Director. However, in the film “the Bridegroom” showman was also the author of the script together with his colleague Sergei Svetlakova. The release of the film scheduled for September 15, and Alexander was looking forward to hearing feedback from the audience, the masters of Russian cinema, as well as their loved ones.

      “I hope relatives and friends will not be silent and the freedom to send me your reviews and articles with criticism. Really looking forward to, what would you say Anton Dolin. He liked our film “Prom”, so his review I now also like. Vladimir Menshov was at the Moscow premiere and told us Sergey and nice words. This is the highest praise for me. His film “Love and pigeons” I love since childhood. During the work on the film my wife was very supportive. She knows how I still worry. Native in me always believed they loved everything I showed them. Although I understand that sometimes they can be biased. But my wife said to me, “don’t worry, all is well.”
      Александр Незлобин: «Жена знает, что я за все переживаю»

      Nezlobin admits that none of the image was not created by the stories of real people. Actors for the film they picked up so that they had something from those characters, in which they will have to reincarnate. Interestingly, the behavior of the protagonist that can’t decide whether to leave her to marry a foreigner or go back to her ex-husband, Nezlobin compares with the situation in the country.

      “The image of women in the film is somewhat reminiscent of Russia. Like in Europe there is a road, but we are different. Although to be Russia, which was also not obtained. We have some beautiful, complex way, and it needs to go,” said Alexander.

      Despite the fact that Sergei Svetlakov was directly involved in VoiceOver work, he still played a major role in the film. Although Nezlobin was the opportunity to appear in the frame, he decided to throw all the forces to work as a Director.

      “I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to play as it should. It was important for me to perform the professional tasks of a Director, ” says the showman. – And just make up a role to appear on the screen – why? We respect the audience.”

      Now Nezlobin was not so often flashed on television. He said that he had to work over – prescribe monologues, to discuss new ideas. And at the moment the main task of the artist is to rest in the circle of his family – his wife Aline and daughter Linda, to soon to return to activity with renewed vigor.

      “I productively removed, even more than last year. Maybe I would say something else, looking at my work, and will advise you to stop making. Although in Russia some say that they don’t need to do cinema, but they still continue. I want to try myself as a Director in different genres. However, I now have more desire to sleep, rest and spend time with the family,” said Alexander.