Андрей Малахов освоил новое ремесло The TV presenter took part in a creative master class. Andrey Malakhov learned to paint porcelain. Creations chief editor of “StarHit” will be for sale in the Gallery.

      Андрей Малахов освоил новое ремесло

      Andrey Malakhov took part in a master class organized by the Imperial porcelain factory. In class the presenter and other celebrities learned how to use specially with a brush and paints, and to apply patterns on the plates, mugs and dishes.

      Under the guidance of professionals, the artists painted vases, crockery and sculpture. Andrei Malakhov decided to work on a porcelain teapot. It chief editor of the “StarHit” painted abstraction consisting of geometric shapes of different colors in the style of Suprematism. The journalist called his creation “the Kiss of Malevich”. For the creation of original kettle Malakhov received a certificate stating that the presenter has manually painted this piece of cookware.

      The master class was timed to coincide with the 272 th anniversary of the plant and the name day of the Empress Elizabeth Petrovna, who is the founder of the company. The front sets and the interior, created by the craftsmen can be seen at the residence of the President of Russia, but also in the world’s major Museum collections.

      Андрей Малахов освоил новое ремесло

      All porcelain with drawings of stars will be for sale in the Gallery. The proceeds of the Imperial porcelain factory direct to the Charity Fund “Children’s hearts”, which has been supporting young patients with congenital heart defects. All these children need for expensive operations, which is engaged in the Scientific Center of cardiovascular surgery them. A. N. Bakulev.

      “Little children should not die from curable diseases! Little children should not die from lack of money adults!”, – this slogan is guided by the Foundation by organizing charity projects. Celebrity will help kids with congenital heart disease to recover and to engage in a full life.