Дети Олега Непомнящего борются за его наследство The producer was a large sum of money and a few apartments around the world. Oleg Nepomnyashchii passed away in late August. Now the son and daughter are discussing what they can claim from its assets. As it turned out, relatives have a different opinion on this matter.

      Дети Олега Непомнящего борются за его наследство

      In late August, died famous producer Oleg Nepomnyaschy. In the early 90s he worked with Alla Pugacheva and Philip Kirkorov. The last years he spent in Israel. As it turned out, he left behind a considerable legacy – a few apartments, which are located in different parts of the world and a large sum of money. Now his heirs joined in a fierce struggle for status.

      The memory of Oleg Nepomnyaschy: as the Director of Pugacheva and Kirkorov has changed the Russian show-business

      Oleg had two children – Anna and Alexander. The heirs of the producer trying to divide his property. However, the ex-wife Lily Sheshelovsky accuses 41-year-old son, who was the Forgetful relatives, in the fraud. According to her, the man strives to leave no inheritance to your sister.

      “The money left my ex-husband, was to be divided equally between the children. The sum was 500 thousand dollars and about half a million euros. Oleg also owned five apartments around the world. But during his lifetime he gave all the money her adopted son. Sasha then deceived him. Said that the Bank will soon be closed and funds necessary as soon as possible to take. Oleg believed him. More we of this money is not seen,” – said Liliya.

      The woman claims that after receiving large sums of money Alexander began to acquire property. According to relatives, the son of the producer did not pay enough attention to the health of his father. He refused to hospitalize his father, although the doctors insisted that an elderly man was admitted to the hospital.

      However, Alexander believes that everything you talk about his relatives – not more than fiction. He fulfills the father’s will and not seek to infringe upon the rights of other heirs.

      “The apartment was originally supposed to go to Ana, and now documents are being processed. It was decided even before the departure of the father. He is a very intelligent man was and did during his lifetime, that no one had any questions. No one on that does not apply. As for the money, the father ordered them during his lifetime. There is no point in talking about it. They were divided equally between my sister and me,” shared Nepomnyashi Jr. his opinion with the newspaper