Сын Михаила Боярского рассказал о ссорах родителей Heir to the stars remembered as experienced in childhood conflicts in the family. Sergei Boyarsky admitted that he and sister Lisa was unpleasant to be in an environment of constant claims mom and dad to each other. “We loved and the second one the same way, and wanted to defend both,” recalls the son of Mikhail Boyarsky.

      Сын Михаила Боярского рассказал о ссорах родителей

      The following year, the famous actor Mikhail Boyarsky and his wife Larissa Luppian will celebrate the fortieth anniversary of family life. Their Union is reputed to be one of the strongest in the creative circles. Now, after decades of living together, celebrity couple can be considered as perfect. Meanwhile, Mikhail Boyarsky and Larisa Luppian was not always idyllic. Witness the quarrels of the famous couple were their children, Sergei and Elizabeth. Brother and sister still remember how worried because of conflicts of mom and dad. In an interview with the authors of the film “Personal. Mikhail Boyarsky”, which was released on the channel “Russia 1”, the son of actor Sergey revealed details of family life of their parents.

      “Yes, their fights were sometimes very audible and Lisa and I worried about it, – said Sergey Boyarsky. – Unpleasant to be in an environment where parents yell and swear much. And given that I love and the second one the same, I want to defend both. It is very good that at some point it ended. I do not know what forces the mother and father were no longer present to each other claims, but they turned into a very kind and caring couple.”

      According to Sergei Boyarsky, his father for mom ready for everything, every whim and desire Larisa Luppian will be executed immediately. However, the wife of Mikhail Boyarsky against this approach, because it does not tolerate unnecessary spending. It is enough for beloved husband was there.

      Сын Михаила Боярского рассказал о ссорах родителей

      “Just don’t move the TV in the kitchen,” says my father, – continues the story about the parents of Sergei Boyarsky. – Dad then: “Why shouldn’t I switch the TV?”. The mother says that the kitchen is her territory, and dad can go to his office and watch what he likes. It was their last such an easy conflict that I watched was very funny to watch his development.”

      Mikhail Boyarsky and Larisa Luppian together not only at home but also at work – they serve in the same theatre, tickets for performances with their participation are still lacking. It is worth noting that Mikhail Boyarsky – one of the Musketeers, who managed to save the marriage, after the release of the film “the Three Musketeers” and collapsed behind him glory.

      “There was a huge crowd of admirers, especially women who generally are more aggressive than men – says Elizaveta Boyarskaya. They attacked, wrote notes, put the paper in the door lock so we couldn’t open. All of this has me so angry. But my mother was the position: I am the best, most beautiful, most kind. And she never was afraid dad’s not getting from her that he’ll stop loving her. She always knew that the house had the main magnet – she and his children”.

      However, before the divorce in this pair is still reached. The sister of Mikhail Boyarsky revealed details of his divorce

      Larisa Luppian she carried a statement to the court. However, on the appointed day, Mikhail Boyarsky suffered an acute attack of pancreatitis, and he couldn’t be on the court. “So our family was saved by Providence, not my wisdom and patience” – with a smile says today Larisa Luppian.

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