Марат Сафин отказывается говорить о новом романе The tennis player is afraid to jinx the relationship with the singer Aida Garifullina. That Marat Safin meets Opera diva, became known a few days ago. And if the girl confirmed to reporters that she had an affair with Safin and even published a joint photo, the athlete from comments has refrained.

      Марат Сафин отказывается говорить о новом романе

      Famous tennis player Marat Safin, about a new novel which with Opera diva Aida Garifullina, the public learned this week, spends weekends with his beloved in St. Petersburg. Marat Safin found a new love

      After the affair was declassified, the couple stopped hiding, and his beloved tennis player, began to appear for their photo sharing. On the images of Marat and Aida look very happy and do not hide their tender feelings.

      “Sweet moments in Saint-Petersburg”, – has signed one of the photos with Marat Safin Aida Garifullina.

      The relationship of the singer and the tennis player became the news for the podeschi microblog Aida, who immediately began to congratulate the star of the Opera stage with the affair with a sports star. “If that’s true, I’m excited and very happy for you, Adocca!”, “Hurrah, what a pair – worthy of happiness and love to the whole of a long life,” “Aida, I adore you! But now I see that you are happy, and enjoy your beautiful pair!”, “Kids you have to be super” – such comments leave followers Garifullina.

      Apparently, in relationships, Marat Safin and Aida Garifullina all very seriously. The singer tries not to advertise his personal life, and her Instagram literally until the last moment it was possible to find only photos of working moments and get-togethers with friends. Any frame with a lover she has not posted for over a year – so much time, according to friends of the couple, Aida and Marat know each other. And now that the stars have decided to take this step as the publication of joint photo, obviously, is to wait for good news about the development of the novel.

      Recall that the declassified relations, Marat Safin and Aida Garifullina was during their recent trip to Kazan, the home of the singer. The lovers are caught in the lens of the cameras when he made one of the walks around the city. Aida Garifullina at the same time in an interview with “StarHit” confirmed that she’s having an affair with a famous tennis player.

      But he Marat Safin remains true to himself and refuses to comment on this subject, citing the fact that he was afraid to jinx the relationship. “I don’t want to say anything about Hades. I’m afraid that will jinx us, — said Marat Safin in an interview Life.ru. — I will only say that she is the most charming, charismatic, talented, smart and beautiful. She has all the qualities, which may have the perfect woman.”

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