Поклонники заподозрили Юлю Волкову в пластике The singer has published in social networks a picture of yourself without a bright make-up. Fans of the actress admired for its natural beauty, some didn’t even recognize the star. But according to other subscribers to Julia, she has made a plastic surgery and reduce your lips.

      Поклонники заподозрили Юлю Волкову в пластике

      31-year-old singer Julia Volkova recently literally amazed his fans by posting in social networks a photo of herself without makeup, which star likes to use in everyday life.

      Fans of Julia noted that she looks amazing and bright without make-up and different filters. “Much younger, pretty woman”, “Ah finally without makeup”, “don’t Even know, you look really good”, “Cool”, “You will go natural makeup”, “Awesome”, “Gentle”, “the Julia came back” — they wrote.

      Someone from fans of the singer noticed that her lips slightly decreased compared with other photographs and suspected the artist in plastic surgery. She Volkov, these guesses did not comment, leaving subscribers a space for reflection.

      Поклонники заподозрили Юлю Волкову в пластике

      By the way, recently she decided to go to experiment with your style. In his Instagram she wrote that she plans to update your wardrobe to avoid things too “flashy” colors. “Black and white — my favorite combination. I think to change the wardrobe, remove all bright” — shared Volkova with their fans.

      Then the fans told the actress that she could get all the colors, and Volkova is not necessary to radically change clothes. “Color should not be removed in any case, summer”, “Julia is perfect in every manner and outfit, “Julia, I think, without bright colors you can’t, it suits you” — expressed his opinion the followers of the singer.

      We also recall that in April of this year for the first time became aware that Julia Volkova defeated thyroid cancer. She had surgery to remove a malignant tumor. Due to his illness the singer has not played for three years. All this time she was treated.

      Later in the interview, Volkova admitted that in the recovery period after surgery, it was hard for her not to sing but to speak. The performer in her family — children and parents. In addition, even during his illness Julia did not lose optimism.

      After Julia opened to the public the truth about his terrible diagnosis, she admitted that was relieved and felt supported. She also said that you made a public statement, because she wanted to attract the attention of other people in the cancer problem in General.

      Julia Volkova feels the support, opening the truth about cancer

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