Беременная Айза Долматова боится летать The woman admits that she has a hard time traveling by air. If they had been a sort of meditation, but now, on the contrary, cause to panic. During one of the flights of Aizu and other passengers calmed by the singing stewards.

      Беременная Айза Долматова боится летать

      At the moment the businesswoman and singer aiza Dolmatova expecting her second child. Like many pregnant women, she’s afraid of flying by plane. This star admitted in his microblog. If earlier Dolmatova were happy to travel by air, but now she gets antsy if she is on Board the ship. Now flights are ISA with difficulty.

      Recently, celebrities have had to go from Bali, where she lives with her husband and son to Kuala Lumpur to renew my visa. By his own admission, before sending ISA slept only two hours. “Who angry dog? Of course I do!!! Hungry after two hours of sleep, pregnant. My husband decided that we should depart at 6 am to walk around the city. More husband tickets are not chooses,” wrote Dolmatova in social networks.

      The flight itself, according to ISA, was very unusual. During his steward showed the passengers that may be informal and fun approach to their work. He sang them soulful melodic song and played the guitar to all flying cheer up and feel at home. Many cheered the behavior of the flight attendant, and they supported him with applause and smiles.

      “The steward sang in flight, I’ve never seen. It was cool. Become pregnant, became very afraid to fly, although early flights were for me a meditation. But the uncle with a guitar and cool songs soothed,” Dolmatova shared with his fans.

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      ISA followers in Instagram immediately responded to this publication. Some of them surprised together with businesswoman. “Cool”, “How to train or tram,” “the First time I see this” — they wrote. At the same time, other fans Dolmatova remembered that I had encountered something similar when flying Asian airlines. “We also flew from Singapore to Bali…And we sang in front of a landing…in General, Bali is the island of good”, “once flew to Kuala Lumpur and all the way the pilot joked on the loudspeaker and laughed,” recalled fans of the stars.

      By the way, the Dolmatova visited her ex-husband Guf. The rapper arrived at Bali to see my son Sam. The boy lives with his mother and her husband, surfer does Anaheim, on a tropical island. Apparently, the former and current lover ISA friends. This is clearly evidenced by the common picture of men, little Sam and Dolmatova.

      ISA has reconciled with ex-husband Body

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