Анна Калашникова строит для сына дом за миллион рублей The ex-fiancée of Prokhor Chaliapin prepares the heir of a surprise. A young mother is hoping to surprise the kid and arrange for a space where it will be very comfortable to play and develop. In order to please a baby, Anna Kalashnikov spared neither effort nor money.

      Анна Калашникова строит для сына дом за миллион рублей

      Over the past few months Anna Kalashnikov collapsed several serious challenges. First, the entire country condemned her for her cruel deception, because for a long time the girl claimed that her son Daniel is born of Prokhor Chaliapin. When the artist learned that is not the father-year-old boy, he canceled the wedding and stopped communicating with the lady. Chaliapin and Kalashnikov lost millions due to the cancellation of the wedding.Then a young mother came out publicly with even more loud statement – it turned out that Prokhorov initially know what is coming and in the end he betray his beloved. All this, of course, had an effect on the emotional state of Anna Kalashnikova, so now she has made various attempts to escape.

      While around Anna Kalashnikova and Prochorus, passions, the young mother is trying to protect from negativity year-old son Dan. The other day she started the construction of the Playground.

      “On my 32nd birthday, June 13, friend, businessman Andrey Kovalev, made a Royal gift of one million rubles, – says the “StarHit” Anna. – Of course, this money I decided to invest wisely: hire a designer and construction crew that the area next to cottage country to build a mini-town for Danecki”.
      Анна Калашникова строит для сына дом за миллион рублей

      The idea Kalashnikova, there will be a house with living room and integrated kitchen, as well as slides, horizontal bar, Swedish wall, swing, small pool and even a children’s mini-football field. “I dream to become an athlete, continues Kalashnikov. – I want the first coach was the football player Yuri Zhirkov, the husband of my friend Inna: I think he will teach his son to drive the ball.”

      Soon the family is waiting for another important event – baptisms. In recognition of Anna, ex-fiance of Prokhor Chaliapin in the mystery will not.

      “I sincerely wished that he had taken part in the baby’s life, but apparently it is not the time – says Kalashnikov. – I asked Andrei Kovalev and Inna Zhirkov to become spiritual parents Tribute. We had planned to perform the rite before my birthday, but son got sick – fever of 40 were kept for several days. Thank God doctors helped her down. Surprisingly, the tests were good, and the reason for this state could not be found. I think the son feels what is happening around, and also react”.

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