Маша Распутина воссоединилась со старшей дочерью How the relationship developed between the singer and Lydia, who had no contact with birth mother for more than ten years, watched the whole country. The artist not only made his first comment on the situation, but met with her after a long separation. Family Rasputina took the woman with open arms.

      Маша Распутина воссоединилась со старшей дочерью

      It is known that the eldest daughter Masha Rasputina Lydia for a long period of time was under the supervision of doctors. While she was in rehab, her father Vladimir Ermakov sold the apartment, which gave the woman’s famous mother, and wrote her Lydia. Earlier the woman also gave an interview in which told various stories about his mother. They were not always pleasant for Rasputina.

      In February of this year in a press there were messages that Masha Rasputina began conversing with his daughter, who for so long was far from it. It was confirmed by sources from the inner circle of the artist.

      Masha Rasputina was able to reconcile with her eldest daughter

      In the program of NTV “the New Russian sensations” singer was found with her daughter after 12 years apart.

      Маша Распутина воссоединилась со старшей дочерью

      As the words of Lydia and her mother, the interview that the woman had given earlier, and her sometimes inappropriate behavior — the merit of the first husband artist Vladimir Ermakov, who put her daughter on psychotropic drugs. According to Masha Rasputina, it should be put in jail.

      “When a person has brain atrophy under the influence of drugs, it is easy to manage… I tell my youngest daughter, “don’t look that Lida brought your mother so much grief, and pity her as a person, look at it from the side. Especially now that she actually became ill, she was broken hormonal background, she began to recover,” says Masha Rasputina.
      Маша Распутина воссоединилась со старшей дочерью

      Despite the fact that Lydia spoke negatively about her mother to the media, Masha Rasputina forgave her. As a loving mother, she will not long hold a grudge against their own child. According to acquaintances of the actress, she always cried when heard the news from the life of leads, and regularly gave her parcels of clothes and food to the orphanage.

      Boiling point: what makes stars to quarrel with family

      “I went against mom. He (Vladimir Ermakov — approx.ed.) I said, “I’ll make you a star”. All the dirt that poured out on my mom, it’s because of me happened. I am ashamed to Victor Evstafievich (second husband of Masha Rasputina — approx.ed.) and his children. I have to be a good daughter Masha Rasputina and a worthy sister of her children. Ermakov made me disabled 2 groups, my words do not communicate with each other”, — said Lydia journalists.
      Маша Распутина воссоединилась со старшей дочерью

      Family of the actress also forget about past grievances and took Lydia in his house. On the occasion of the reunification of women with a family Rasputin rented a restaurant on Rublevo-Uspensky highway. According to the husband of the actress, she dreamed that her daughter was together.

      “I hope to God my daughter never fell into a rage against his mother, and that our family has found peace and love, all realized,” the singer said at the meeting with Lydia.

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