The son of Michael Jackson suffered in the accident

Сын Майкла Джексона пострадал в ДТП
Prince Michael lost control of the motorcycle.

Сын Майкла Джексона пострадал в ДТП

The eldest, 20-year-old son of Michael Jackson had an accident. On the way to Loyola Marymount University, where he is
time studying the Prince, the motorcycle on which he was riding, didn’t quite make the turn and went off
the road. The young man was thrown
the side — aside from his crashed “steel horse”. Reportedly,
the cause of the accident was that the Prince lost control of the motorcycle on the wet pavement.

Called to the scene of the accident, the doctors of “Ambulance”
took the victim to the nearest hospital. At the same time, Michael is scared
your friends, posting on a social network your picture on a stretcher. Fortunately, doctors,
looking around the son of pop idol, came to the conclusion that he suffered not too
much. He found no fractures, no injuries to vital organs. The
serious damage was strong
a bruised knee and numerous abrasions. Moreover, Prince has shown remarkable
courage. Instead of having to go home from the hospital, he decided, causing
a taxi to go to your University to catch the last in the day classes.

What is the driving experience of the son of Jackson
reported. Most likely it is quite small. After all, the first pictures of Prince sealed
on his “Harley-Davidson” appeared on his page in September.
By the way, 19-year-old sister of the young man, the only daughter of Michael Jackson Paris — even before that
the incident in comments to a photo of him on a motorcycle, and rebuked the brother in
insufficiently cautious driving. It is curious that the Prince had no objection
to the younger sister of his “educated”. He recently admitted: Paris
he seems so grown up and Mature as a person, what is he even hard
treat her as a younger sister.