The illegitimate son of Spartaka Mishulina attributed Karin a mental disorder

Внебрачный сын Спартака Мишулина приписал Карине психическое расстройство Timur Eremeev publicly appealed to the young woman. In connection with the recent events the young man decided to make a statement which rebuked Mikulino that it supposedly inflates the scandal of its history. Moreover, according to Yeremeyev, the daughter of Spartak Vasilyevich often shares unconfirmed data.
Внебрачный сын Спартака Мишулина приписал Карине психическое расстройство

Here which week has been simmering scandal surrounding the alleged illegitimate son of Spartaka Mishulina. Actor Timur Eremeev claims to be a close relative of the famous artist. But family members Mishulina consider him an impostor. After the daughter of movie star Carina told the reporters about their claims to Timur, he decided to break the silence and publicly appealed to her.

Karina Mishulina: “it seems that Timur – some kind of sadist. We live in hell, these two months”

Timur does not hide his indignation by a number of statements of the successor Mishulina. According to the young artist, claims that Spartak Vasilyevich could not be born illegitimate son in 1983, are not true.

“What “disease” Karina Spartakovna “awarded” our common father? First “pig”! Let’s calculate that in 1981 Spartak Vasilyevich was 55 years old, and “pig” is generally considered a children’s disease… (…) But then, obviously, thinking, and consulting with experts, Mrs. Mishulina issued another: that her dad had an operation for appendicitis, after which he developed, again, infertility,” said Eremeev.

According to Timur, his alleged father had a similar surgery, but much later – in the 90s. Eremeev also said that his mother actually worked as a janitor in the house of a famous actor, and he never hid that fact. According to the artist, Spartak Vasilyevich himself had arranged her to work in order to see more of a woman.

“Karina stubbornly not listens to what I tell her. Otherwise everyone would have long ago realized. She hears only what she wants”, – says Timur.

During the conversation with journalists Yeremeyev said that he has evidence of his innocence. Timur is willing to raise and provide the necessary documents and witnesses, revealing the details of Mishulina relationship with his mother. To them, the artist considers counterpart Spartak Vasilyevich. “She said that dad talked about his son, and of the fact that standing in his dressing room layout, bequeathed to me as the staging of his latest play,” – says Timur.

Moreover, Eremeev accused Karina Mishulina that she allegedly intentionally inflates the scandal, turning it into a show and reinforcing the new details. Timur calls a vindictive young woman and encourages her to stay. “I’m asking you not to give out your fantasies, fantasies and versions regularly publicized in the press — for the absolute truth. Moreover, many of them bordering on fiction-soaked conspiracy theory” – quoted Timur