Сын Ляйсан Утяшевой впервые влюбился TV presenter helped the boy to make the first move. Now Robert for almost three years. Laysan utiasheva is trying to become children’s best friend.

      Сын Ляйсан Утяшевой впервые влюбился

      For many parents is not always easy to find an approach to their own children. Especially when it comes to the secret of the heart, which the offspring do not tend to share with adults. That’s why moms and dads trying to do everything to become heirs to their real friends and help them to understand their experiences. Popular presenter Laysan utiasheva was very surprised that during the intimate conversation with his son Robert, who is nearly three years, it became clear that the boy first fell in love.

      “I have recently noticed that Rob because something is going through. It turned out he liked the girl, but he was too shy to approach and was very worried because of this. We talked, and I told him how to do it. We did it!” – has shared joyful news Laysan in the microblog.

      Also utiasheva added that really wants to be more than just a mom to my kids, but also a true friend. Fans of TV stars fully supported her in this intention and marveled at the wisdom and approach in the education of children. “Laysan, you are a very strong and wise woman! And I agree and also understand the role of the mother: to divide, to take away the pain and to nourish love. Wish you happiness and strength”, commented subscribers.

      Recall that Laysan utiasheva and her husband Paul Will bring up two children – son Robert and daughter Sofia. The happy parents loved their children and try to spend more time with family. But to show the faces of the heirs of the celebrity couple is in no hurry. Although the form is often published in his microblog funny videos involving children to consider, who looks like a son and a daughter, the fans fails. Perhaps the only shot the firstborn Laysan and Paul was the picture of the boy’s hand. Not so long ago, images of children appeared on the body of the Will. On the breast of the showman got a tattoo in the form of little Sophia and little Robert. Apparently, the pattern on the skin was made from photos of the heirs of Paul and Laysan.

      Now Laysan and Paul enjoy a family idyll. Parents do everything to please their little offspring. Not so long ago in the house of the star couple had a dog. Nickname the dog came up with Robert – he called him Namkai. And the father of the family for fun children do not even shave the mustache. But I broke up with a facial only at the request of the son, who took their hands on a machine for shaving.


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