Максим Матвеев помогает возрождать «Ленфильм»
The actor played in another movie with his wife Elizaveta Boyarskaya.

Maxim Matveev

Photo: Andrew Fedechko

The main role in the film of Sergey Snezhkina “Indemnity”
became an actor especially responsible. “This is the first picture that entirely
removed on “Lenfilm” after a long hiatus. I am proud to accept
participation in the revival of the Studio!” said 7days.ru Maxim.
Premiere of “Reparations” was held in
St. Petersburg, where Matveev arrived from Moscow.

In the tape he played a major role — the white guard
officer Pepelyaev. Despite the fact that the film Matveyev starred with Lisa
Boyarsky, at the presentation he was alone. Lisa just returned from the American
tour, where for a long time was with the Maly drama theatre, and immediately
plunged into a crazy shooting schedule and rehearsals. Boyarsky is now so
claimed from the download agreed to play in the movie widow casino
only with one condition — her the shooting took place at night. “If I was offered
some other schedule, I’d have to give up, — admitted the actress. Because
during the day I rehearse in the Theatre of Europe, and in the evenings played performances”.

The story unfolds in Perm in December
1918. In the story the city was freed from the red forces under leadership
the young white General Pepelyaev. But forces soldiers are exhausted, and the General
demands from wealthy citizens contribution — support of the army. The widow of a merchant Chagin
donates a huge diamond, which soon disappears. Around this
incidents and twists the main plot. Historical characters in the film
mixed with fictional. Thus, the General figure very real, but the widow
the fruit of the imagination of the writer Leonid Yuzefovich, a novel which formed the basis
script. To convey the historical accuracy of the interiors and costumes were
raised the archives, and artists and the sun is actually recreated the era before
the smallest detail.

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