Гай Пирс будет защищать права гомосексуалистов в мини-сериале

The star of the movie the King’s speech guy Pearce is looking for a new project. In the near future we will be able to see a British actor in a mini-series called “When we rise”, which will be engaged in the channel ABC.

In the center plot of the series will be the struggle of sexual minorities for their civil rights that erupted in the second half of the twentieth century. Pierce will embody on the screen the image of the activist gay movement in the USA Cleve Jones. women’s main role in the TV series given to Rachel Griffiths (“Saving Mr. banks”) and Mary-Louise Parker (“blacklist”).

The series has eight episodes. Date of the premiere, “When we rise” is not called.

We will remind, the other day from abroad, we received joyful news. Guy Pearce is preparing to become a father. 48-year-old pier and a 39-year-old Dutch actress Caris van Houten, star of “Game of thrones”, playing the sinister Saga of the lady melisandre again, waiting for the firstborn.

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