Бари Алибасов считает, что Ваенга его плагиатит

Elena Vaenga is different from most local artists not only manner, but also by the songs that she writes herself. Vaenga songs full of deep meaning, and for years encouraging music lovers. While we enjoy the music, the producer of the group “On-On” Bari Alibasov have noticed that one of the songs Helena’s exactly the same as written in конце80-x song “the Feeling”.

Sue Vaenga about Bari Karimovich is not intended. Here is how he comments the situation: “it happens,’ I said in an interview with reporters of NTV — I don’t see anything unusual.” It’s natural, we live in a sound environment, repetition is inevitable”.

By the way, considers himself Alibasov Vaenga incredibly talented person who will continue to captivate listeners with his music: “Elena Vaenga is one of the few outstanding personalities on our scene that captivated me the song — I don’t remember what it’s called, or “Go smoke” or “Smoking Again”, or “Quit Smoking”. Very bright, very personal song, original manner. “Obviously for this song hides a talented, extraordinary person,” I thought at that moment. Personal communication with her, I was not disappointed, moreover, the guys from the band I said “This singer for a long time, her emotions are bottomless, and professionalism is impeccable.”

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