Михаил Шуфутинский купил дом в Америке
The singer purchased the estate for his young friend.

Mikhail Shufutinsky

Photo: TASS/ Sergei Fadeichev

Mikhail Shufutinsky decided to move closer to son — over the ocean
bought a luxury house in Philadelphia. Now the singer is engaged arrangement
home, and help him in this new darling of anybody Svetlana Urazova, a member of the team
“Ataman”. Michael and Svetlana are familiar for more than ten years, but really
approached after his wife’s death, the singer eight months ago. Girl supported
his idol in the difficult moments, and Michael appreciated it. “We
bought a house, it is close to home my son, we are now neighbors.
Now engaged in its improvement”, — says anybody.

We will remind, the youngest son of anybody, with his wife brandi and
grandchildren singer Dimitri, Noah, Zachary and Hannah — living in the USA for a long time. Singer for a long time
was planning to move closer to family. And now, finally, have had the opportunity: the mansion near the house of his son put up for sale — and the singer became its new owner.

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