Сын Елены Ваенги поразил сверхспособностями
In three and a half years Ivan already knows how to read.

Elena Vaenga Ivan

Photo: Instagram Of Elena Vaenga

The son of Elena Vaenga Ivan learned to read. When you consider that the kid is only three and a half years, the pride of star mum about such a momentous event is understandable. The singer showed a touching video of a little Ivan Boyko reads words of two syllables.

To read a smart boy my grandma taught me, she also wrote the boy, sitting reading, on video and sent it to Elena, who is now on tour.
It should be noted that Vanya diapers mom pleases the mind and far ahead in the development of their peers.

For example, when Vanya was two years, he is not only well spoken with a great vocabulary, but also under the guidance of grandparents recited the famous poems of Korney Chukovsky “Moidodyr” and “fedorino mountain.”

Bringing up his son, Elena Vaenga strictly adheres to the principle — no whims and nurses! To look after the baby singer helps numerous relatives.
By the way, the grandmother on the maternal line had moved from Severomorsk to St. Petersburg, to raise a grandchild. Elena herself, despite the external strictness, doted to the boy and really misses him on tour.

A video posted by ElenaVaenga (@vaengaofficial) on Mar 25, 2016 at 4:06am PDT

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