Звезда «Орла и решки» бросил невесту за неделю до свадьбы Anton Lavrentiev did not want to make rash act. Presenter very long doubted and decided to cancel the wedding. Now he has found his true love.

      Звезда «Орла и решки» бросил невесту за неделю до свадьбы

      Popular host of “heads and tails. Shopping” Anton Lavrentiev has long been one of the eligible bachelor. However, the star of the TV screen said that barely almost did a reckless act and not have married his former fiancee. When before the celebration, we had very little time, he decided to break off the relationship.

      “A week before the wedding I told Ira that we should break up. Understand the rhythm of life and my movement around the world and generally what is happening in his own head was so intense and fast that I didn’t know what I want. Yes and do I want anything… When I finished my participation in the project “heads and tails”, I returned to Moscow, caught myself and realized that I didn’t want to link their lives with the life of this man,” said Anton.

      TV presenter admitted that a year of long distance relationship was not able well to know the girl, and on his return to Moscow, when he had the opportunity every day to see him, he realized that may make the mistake of marrying her. Despite the fact that the wedding was only a month, then a couple not even started, so severe financial losses they suffered. Parting with beloved it went pretty smoothly.

      “I helped Irina to collect suitcases, called cargo taxi, hugged, wished them good night, closed the door and put the point,” said Lavrentyev.

      After that, the heart of a TV presenter has won another beauty – his colleague on the stage of Anna. He invited the girl into your musical project. As recognized Anton, from the first minutes of communication he felt an incredible attraction to Anna, but decided not to show her feelings, not to harm. However, after some time they stopped to hide their mutual sympathy.

      “Anya kissed me. Quite unexpectedly for both of us. We stood around the car, discussing the repertoire for future concerts. When the conversation came to an end, she suddenly kissed me on the cheek and on the lips, and she was like, “Oh!” – shared Lavrentiev in an interview with the magazine “OK”.


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