Сын Дарьи Пынзарь ухаживает за семилетней подружкой The heir to the participants “House-2” gave the sign of attention to Alexandra, daughter of Anton Zatsepin and Catherine Smigiel. The girl got from Artem cute flowers and bead in the shape of a heart.

      Сын Дарьи Пынзарь ухаживает за семилетней подружкой

      Four-year-old heir to the participants “House-2” went to the birthday girlfriend with a bouquet of flowers and balloons with the words “I Love You”. He looks like a real gentleman. The boy’s mother Daria Pynzar gladly took a picture of the child and put in your “Instagram” to show off what grows them with Sergey a wonderful offspring. The darling little Artem, the very lucky girl who will receive these lovely gifts was 7-year-old Alexandra, the daughter of Catherine and Anton Zatsepin. The young couple, by the way, in the moment, not together, but Catherine still bears the name of the former husband, the participant of “star Factory-4”. The girl is a journalist, familiar with all the participants “Houses-2”, since she is the correspondent for the show.

      Subscribers Pynzar was not slow to react to the picture of the child. “How cute”, “Cute”, “Mod”, “What groom grows”, “a Copy of the Pope” – written by fans of TV stars.

      Сын Дарьи Пынзарь ухаживает за семилетней подружкой

      Daughter Catherine Zatsepina meanwhile has already started to celebrate your birthday. She blew out the seven candles, but not the traditional cake, but equally delicious donuts with different fillings. The cake, according to her mother will be in the evening, during the evening with friends. Catherine gave her daughter a pink bike and a small bag – probably, it is the favorite color of her baby.

      The celebration was themed Alexandra: especially in this day children put on the mantle, like from the movies about Harry Potter, I tried my hand at magic and he tasted the cake in the form of an old book with a feather and the hat. Younger guests Zatsepin daughters also were entertained by animators.

      Recall also that Daria Pynzar now expects second child, her pregnancy is progressing without any complications. TV star bear her Husband a son, and Artem – younger brother. A new pregnancy is recognized Dasha, she is much more conscious than previous – she’s proud to be pregnant and expanding their family, as she dreamed that she was great and happy. For future kid’s Pynzar already purchased several strollers and other important things, like fashion cradles and envelopes for walks. The firstborn Dasha and Sergey Artem, which a young couple indulges constantly, not jealous of parents to her brother – a participant of “House-2”, the news caused him to rejoice.

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