Шайе Лабафу и его невесте опасно находиться вместе According to the psychic, the couple is not ready to family relations. Joint life the actor and his fiancee consists of constant showdown, fights and breaking of Windows.

      Шайе Лабафу и его невесте опасно находиться вместе

      Last week was indeed black for admirers of the eminent actor Shia Labefa is one of the leading Western tabloids wrote about the engagement of celebrities. According to the newspaper, LaBeouf made an offer to his sweetheart MIA Goth and in the near future intends to take her to the altar. With future wife actor met on the set of the film “Nymphomaniac” in 2012, and last year there were rumors about the engagement of young people.

      But the expert “Stargate” psychic Mohsen, Norouzi sure that marrying Goth, Shia will be making a huge mistake. “They have an unhealthy relationship, – said the fortuneteller. Those two are definitely very talented people, but it is quite strange conclusions about his bright future they do only from their sexual compatibility. Completely forgetting that marriage is not enough. Between MIA and Shia I see fights and quarrels to tantrums and breaking glass. They just dangerous to be together more than a couple hours a day! Besides, none of them is ready for the family in the traditional sense of the word – and MIA, and the Sajo is a very windy person and not obsessed with marital fidelity. They would better fit the guest marriage.

      MIA Goth stars promise two official marriage of her seven novels with famous men and children from three different Boyfriends. With career miss the Goth next 3.5 years will be strong and fruitful friendship, after which it will overtake the long and cold disorder. Labofa a happy marriage at the end of 2017 with a girl, able to balance and happiness. In late autumn 2016, the Shia will make a very good offer about the shooting, after receiving the role of it waiting for significant contracts and new horizons. A stumbling block on the road to success may be alcohol dependence, a particularly dangerous period will be summer of 2016. Up to 32 years in the destiny he has the drop, I see a danger or jump into the water or jump from the mountain”.

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