Корнелия Манго усиленно худеет к свадьбе On the eve of the ceremony, which will take place in the summer, the singer began to freshen up an individual program. It involves not only diet and sport, but also the procedure of ultrasonic cavitation similar to liposuction.

      Корнелия Манго усиленно худеет к свадьбе

      In the summer the singer and the artist will marry a beatboxer Bogdan Durda, lovers previously filed in Kutuzovsky registry office of Moscow. The exact date of their wedding is still unknown, but some details of the preparations for the ceremony the young couple does not hide. So, Kornelia Mango recently announced on social media that begins to freshen up. The singer is going to lose weight with customized weight loss program. It includes the procedure of ultrasonic cavitation, daily sports training and diet she was going to observe meatless diet that excludes high calorie and unhealthy products.

      “Beginning preparations for the wedding! Today, passed the procedure of ultrasonic cavitation. This is the analog operating liposuction, only the hardware. I was prepared for an individual program. While fasting do not eat bad things, eat only all useful and natural, plus sports every day, as well as mechanical massage and ultrasound. With the results I’ll be sharing!”, – posted by Kornelia Mango in Instagram.

      “Serious preparations for the wedding!”, said the fans of the singer. Some of them, however, I am sure that Mango doesn’t need any diets, they say, the star is in great shape. “You have a beautiful figure waiting for the wedding along with you”, “That’s it for a figure you don’t need to worry, you are loved for exactly who you are”, “My husband says you, Cornelia, juicy figure and you are a gorgeous woman, and without these procedures is beautiful”, – shared the singer with her fans.

      Recall that the wedding of 29-year-old actress and former participants of the show “Factory of stars” and her beloved 22-year-old musician Bogdan Durga became known in early March. They met on the set of the project “I can!” two years ago. Bogdan was one of the teachers on this telecast, he taught Cornelia the beatbox. After a few sessions, the young people realized that I feel to each other something more than just friendly affection.

      At the moment, according to the Director wedding Agency that organizes the holiday for Mango and Durga, they are searching the place for the celebration. It is planned that this will be a cozy space somewhere on the banks of the Moscow river. Just attend the ceremony are invited about a hundred people, friends of the newlyweds. To congratulate Cornelia marriage will come familiar to her from “American idol” and other projects, where she previously attended. In the program events will be competitions, songs and dances, and also numerous surprises. The concept of the celebration will be in the style of a beach party.

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