Авиакатастрофа в Ростове: о судьбах погибших рассказали их близкие The tragedy cut short the lives of dozens of people. The relatives of those who were aboard the ill-fated plane, told “StarHit” the story of two girls in Dubai seeking a better life.


    Авиакатастрофа в Ростове: о судьбах погибших рассказали их близкие

    Early morning of 19 March, when in Rostov-on-don, Russia crashed Boeing airline, FlyDubai, has cut short the lives of hundreds of people – not only those who were on Board the ill-fated plane, but also family members, whose victims were the raison d’être, the sole breadwinners and hope.

    Put father on his feet

    Olesya Karabintseva, 26-year-old graduate of the Krasnodar regional College of culture, only a few months ago, got a new job, connected with regular flights. “I she asked, not scared so often to climb into the sky, says “StarHit” friend girl Daria Dobrochna. – But she replied that the plane crash was not her death… As it turned out, she was wrong”.

    Olesya did for a living that drove branded items to order from Dubai to Krasnodar and Rostov, flights are made every two weeks. The fact that the girl was trying to earn money to help my dad Alex – a few months ago he was hospitalized with a stroke. “Near their house on the street of Novorossiysk now constantly on duty ambulance – continued Daria. The father kept from last forces, but experiences, of course, terribly dangerous in his condition… Daughter was always with him, very strongly supported it, all the money was put into rehabilitation. And her mom wouldn’t see sense to live, does not know what to do. But understand, we have to lift her husband, Olesya would like it to be. She was incredibly touching relationships with the parents I’ve ever seen between adults and children”.

    The same Dasha friend helped me to let go of the past – to file for divorce with her husband, which brings up two children. “Olesya gave me the confidence that I can handle it, every day, sent encouraging messages, – says Daria. – We have been through this situation together, through the day Olesya spent the night with me, sometimes it was even uncomfortable that she is busy with me a little, not paying attention to your life. But that’s part of it: they gave their all friendship, work, family. April 1 was going to fly to Cyprus to celebrate my birthday, had planned together to go to study, do business… I am very hurt with her in her plane crash killed part of my soul that could only fill it, my girl!”

    Авиакатастрофа в Ростове: о судьбах погибших рассказали их близкие


    A native of Kharkov, 25-year-old Anna Sergeeva, four years ago moved from his native Ukraine to Rostov to the beloved, but the couple had no luck. Not wanting to return home, Anna got a job in a beauty salon manicurist, and last December at the invitation of the UAE went to Dubai.

    “Anna was supporting the family fully, was a great specialist, says “StarHit” a friend of the deceased Marina Lesovaya. Even took on double duty, serving additional customers and stayed late – all to ensure that loved ones. We often exchanged with her voice. In one of the last she said she feels that soon all will change… If they knew. Life in the country, Golden Sands very she liked, she admired literally all around”.

    In his native Kharkiv Anna remained mum and younger brother. Dad died seven years ago. 11-year-old brother of the girl he loved, spoke of him with great affection, always worried about him. “When was the last time flew to Kharkov, about a year ago, I brought Denis, long saved, he jumped for joy, – Marina continues. – And lately Anya began to seriously think about how to radically change her life: before the accident he planned to learn English and send CV in one well-known airline, wanted to become a flight attendant. Remember asking her why suddenly such a choice, and she said, “the Sky is mine.”

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