Сын Бориса Смолкина ответил на обвинения в мошенничестве Journalists contacted well-known producer who was outraged by the information that he was allegedly detained on suspicion of cashing million rubles. Mr Smolkin made clear that this information is not true.
Сын Бориса Смолкина ответил на обвинения в мошенничестве

Today in mass media the information appeared that the actor’s son Boris Smolkina, who was the Butler of Constantine in the TV series “My fair nanny”, was allegedly detained on suspicion of cashing 179 million rubles. The journalists said a source familiar with the situation.

“StarHit” called Boris Smolkina to comment on the information about the alleged detention of his son. Honored artist of the Russian Federation was surprised with the data that appeared in the press. The actor said he was not aware of the situation and learned about it from the media.

Later journalists managed to contact Vladimir Smolinym. The producer has not confirmed the news that he was detained by law enforcement officers. He made it clear that it is extremely indignant of such information.

“If that were true, I’d never talked with you standing on the street. (…) Of course, this is nonsense! I would be for such information given in the media, someone you know ripping,” said the producer.
Сын Бориса Смолкина ответил на обвинения в мошенничестве

During the meeting with the media the man also said that he did not know why there was such speculation.

Note that according to the information of the correspondents, the police Department, in addition to Vladimir Smolkina, were two more people. It is argued that together with the son of the famous actor at two days, detained two residents of St. Petersburg, who are officially unemployed. Investigators suspect them of money laundering for business. As journalists report, the profits of the Scam exceeded the amount of $ 11.5 million.

In turn, a source from the entourage of Vladimir Smolkina stated that he is not aware of possible “secret life” producer. According to the man, who asked to remain anonymous, he gives the impression of a man capable of such actions. “And even imagine it can not. Sometimes Volodya offered to look for sponsors. But he always brushed them aside, saying, handful, handle themselves. Even his office wasn’t, the employees worked at home”, – quotes the insider “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

We will remind that Boris Smolkin was born in March 1948 in Leningrad. More than thirty years the honored artist of Russia worked in the theater of musical Comedy. Debut of the actor on the TV screen was a picture “Wedding Krechinsky”, released in 1974. Most famous role, Boris G. – Butler Konstantin in the STS series “My fair nanny”.