Арарат Кещян станет отцом во второй раз The actor confirmed the happy news “StarHit”. The beloved star of the series “Univer” waiting for a baby. Happy couples prefer not to attract too much attention to his personal life, so do not hurry to publicly announce the new addition to the family.
Арарат Кещян станет отцом во второй раз

At the end of the year in the family of a 38-year-old actor Cesana Ararat, is remembered by many viewers thanks to the TV series “Univer”, and his wife Catherine’s baby is born. As it became known “StarHit”, the wife of the celebrity is in an interesting position. The actor already has a daughter eve, which is on the third of September it will be three years. The fact of the future paternity testing confirmed the Ararat.

“Yes, Kate is pregnant but I don’t really want to talk about it”, – said Kesan “StarHit”.

Catherine feels fine and easily transfers the second trimester. On the days stellar family returned from Cyprus, where the wife of a celebrity could sunbathe and tried to eat more fruit.

As for water treatments, they were contraindicated. The fact that on the eighth day of vacation, Catherine has a broken leg, descending by steep stairs.

“The last step was unsuccessful, the pain was shaking the whole body, – commented on the unpleasant incident the girl. – Because of panic forgot all words in English, in the insurance insisted that I can think of a million papers… Freaked out and paid 500 euros for the plaster and crutches.”

In addition, the young woman admitted that due to the unfortunate situation on the ladder the more experienced husband, than she is. “I was afraid of how he will live up to our departure home. Has anyone ever seen “the pregnant husband syndrome”?” – ironically commented on Catherine what happened to her.

It should be noted that a foot injury forced Catherine to take time off from work. Recall that the wife of the star of the series “Univer” own Agency “House of weddings” and the company in arranging family holidays “Utkin house.” However, as soon as it will be easier, the girl plans to immediately return to work.

We also add that the daughter of Ararat eve eagerly waiting for replenishment in their family. By the way, the heiress of the actor was already a star’s Instagram. Publication parents with her rack up tens of thousands of “likes” and invariably cause tenderness of the subscribers of the artist.