The civil wife of Oleg Yakovlev unveiled their secret agreement

Гражданская жена Олега Яковлева обнародовала их тайное соглашение Alexander Kutsevol fulfill the desire of the singer. According to darling Oleg Yakovlev, she kept her promise. According to the girl, she was down to the mark on the scale, which agreed with the ex-participant of group “Ivanushki International”.
Гражданская жена Олега Яковлева обнародовала их тайное соглашение

Fiancee of deceased Oleg Yakovlev Alexander Kutsevol gradually examines personal belongings of the artist. The couple lived together for five years, so the girl kept a lot of papers with poems, songs artist, as well as their recognition of each other. One of the documents that are decided to share the civil spouse of the deceased artist, was their agreement. On paper, Sasha wrote a handwritten promise to lose weight up to a certain weight. As he told Kutsevol, Oleg always paid attention to the way people look.

“Our agreement with Oleg Yakovlev. Oleg was always a big kid, we laughed, joked. You know, the endless “kindergarten”. We’ve been fooling around, and this note is no exception. I do not remember who won in this deal, but today my weight is just what I wanted Michiel. I think he knows and is smiling,” said Alexander in the post.

Apparently, at the moment, Sasha weighs approximately 56 pounds. If the girl did not keep his word, waiting for her housework. Beloved Yakovlev claimed that I never loved in the domestic sphere. The agreement is dated 2014. Since then, Kutsevol has changed outwardly. According to the civil wife of Oleg, he forced her to wear shoes.

“Even at the farewell ceremony I was wearing heels, though not in a skirt. He often told me, told me: “Lose weight”. Never made harsh comments, and always approached the situation with humor. We have to become better. Oleg wasn’t wearing shorts, and my appearance started. Once I talked him into it: more long pants in the summer he did not go”. – told Kutsevol “StarHit”.

We will remind, Oleg Yakovlev died on June 29. As found by the doctors, the cause of death was cardiac arrest. In the last days the artist was connected to the ventilator, but to save him failed. The beloved ex-soloist of “Ivanushki-International” plans to release the song he recorded for the six months before death. Judging by the lyrics, Oleg had a presentiment of imminent death. The civil wife of Oleg Yakovlev unveiled their secret agreement