У сына Анастасии Завротнюк конфликт с учительницей

The son of actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk Michael had problems in school. This was told by the artist herself. According to star of the TV series “My fair nanny”, the teacher took a dislike to her son and turned against him the whole class.

The reason for this attitude to the child was that the teacher knew their subject”. Michael noticed the mistake of the teacher, and that she really did not like.
“The teacher set up a class against my child, started a real struggle. She phoned the parents of his classmates and in conversation maligned Michael. A kind of madness began. Had to intervene” — said Anastasia.
The conversation with the teacher, however, has not brought the desired result, the teacher often mentioned in the lesson situation in the life of a car crash, and Michael hated it. Had Anastasia contact the Director. Already in the Director’s office the teacher was justified in what he said about the actress “in a good way.”
“Funny, isn’t it? Is it possible to gossip in a good way?” — said Anastasia. The Director was able to influence a subordinate and the campaign to demonize the name of the son Zavorotnyuk stopped.