Марго Робби спродюсирует спин-офф о Харли Квинн

Australian beauty Margot Robbie was so excited by the idea of filming a spin-off of Harley Quinn, are ready to personally engage in the production of this film.

The contract, as it became known to journalists, the actress, the owner of the company LuckyChap Entertainment, has already signed to Warner Bros.

According to the agreement, the star of “suicide Squad” will be engaged in the development and production of new paintings by using LuckyChap Entertainment.

In the near future it will be a separate movie about Harley Quinzel future work based on the book by Dean N. Jensen’s “Queen of the air”, where Margo should also play a major role.

The book, published in 2013, tells about the love between Lillian Leitzel, aerial acrobat, which early last century was a worldwide star, and a trapeze artist Alfredo Codonas, famous for his deadly stunts. Their way to fame and tragic death at the time, shocked the world. Who gets the Director of this project, is not specified.

Note that at the moment the company Warner Bros. actively pursuing your project, where all the major events are mainly from women. Collaboration with Robbie still shows this.

Recall that to assert themselves, Margot Robbie has been in the Martin Scorsese film “the Wolf of wall street”. This was followed by projects such as “Focus” and “Tarzan. The legend.”