Дмитрий Хворостовский рассказал о предательстве первой жены

A quarter century ago, Dmitri Hvorostovsky first married.

Beloved baritone became the ballerina of the corps de ballet Svetlana. A few years later the couple had children – in 1996, gave birth to twins Daniel and Alexander. But soon the relations of the spouses began to deteriorate, and in 1999, Dmitry left the family because of the betrayal. Svetlana changed her famous husband and was not forgiven.

Now Svetlana is no longer alive. Women did not become in 2015. For the first time after the divorce Hvorostovsky has decided to tell what really happened in the first marriage.

“In my first marriage I was very unhappy. Met Flo (the second wife), I turned everything in my life turned on its head. Although the family was against it… My ex-wife protested. We have common children. Unfortunately or fortunately, but for the sake of the children often have to sacrifice something. Here before me stood a choice: either to sacrifice himself for the sake of the children and be miserable, or choose your own happiness. I chose the second option. But I still think I made the right step, it was for the best.”

At the moment Dmitry is absolutely happy. Married Florence Illi the singer was born two children a son and a daughter.