Сын Алены Водонаевой заработал 20 тысяч рублей The presenter is proud of the success of the child – was recently released collection of covers for mobile phones, which are adorned with the pictures of Bogdan. Alain Vodonaeva seeks to teach a son to work in early childhood.
Сын Алены Водонаевой заработал 20 тысяч рублей

One of the brightest stars of the reality show “HOUSE-2” after the divorce with her husband for a long time alone she has a son Bogdan. In late August, the boy turns eight years old, and despite his young age, the star mom is trying to teach him to work.

Alain Vodonaeva believes that the child should not only appreciate the money, but to be able to earn them, Even if the parents can afford. The presenter told us that the son who had just graduated from first grade, already brings home first income.

“Recently, according to figures released a collection of fashionable cases for the phone. It is very well sold. The first business in the first month brought to 20 thousand rubles net of fees,” boasted Vodonaeva.
Сын Алены Водонаевой заработал 20 тысяч рублей

With the birth of the son of the TV presenter tried to give him the best of everything – Alena gave the child in an English kindergarten, enrolled in training in gymnastics, hired Tutors for reading and writing.

Enough attention is paid to the heir and his father Bogdan, businessman Alexey Malakai. Despite the divorce, the pair managed to keep warm relations. Now Vodonaeva happy in marriage with the Petersburg DJ Alexey Cosine. The musician was able to find a common language not only with a child wife, but also with her ex-husband.

“We are friends with the ex-husband. The son sees it, he knows it is quiet, because mom and dad close by. We are together on holidays, talk on the phone every day, often eat lunch together. My wife – former and current – friends”, – said Alena.
Сын Алены Водонаевой заработал 20 тысяч рублей

The former participant of “House-2” admitted that very carefully chooses whom to marry. The first time she got married with a businessman when she was 27 years old. Last year she said “Yes,” Alexei Cosine. Alena admitted in an interview with “Latimore” that her main desire was the realization of themselves as individuals, and she was in no hurry – if only in her way met the best suitors.

Сын Алены Водонаевой заработал 20 тысяч рублей“Your husband is your face, your level, as well as the woman the man. The scum can keep lovers and twist them novels before her marriage, but married to only go for the best. That’s what I did in the first and in the second case,” admitted Vodonaeva.