Спустя 22 года после смерти Тупака стало известно имя убийцы A witness to the murder of Tupac Shakur Dwayne Keith Davis decided to break the silence and tell them who really killed the rapper. As it turned out, the culprit of the crime was a nephew of Davis, who had a personal beef with the musician.
Спустя 22 года после смерти Тупака стало известно имя убийцы

The tragic death of Tupac Shakur for 22 years did not give rest to his fans. Because the culprit of the murder was never found, fans of the musician have built a few dozen konspiralogichesky theories about what happened.

There were rumors that the crime involved a criminal group, other rappers, but the open secret proved to be much more prosaic. Former gangster Dwayne Keith Davis decided to make a shocking confession, according to which a killer of Tupac was the nephew of a mafia boss Orlando Anderson.

By the way, it has long been suspected in the murder of rap icon. In 2002, the American journalists managed to find out that shortly before the murder of Tupac has a fight with Orlando Anderson. Humiliated the offender gathered a Council of his gang, and then decided to get even with a musician.

According to Dwayne Keith Davis, his nephew was in the back seat of his car when several shots were fired. In the end, 26-year-old Shakur had received four bullet wounds, two of which proved fatal. Doctors several hours fighting for the life of the musician, but in the end he failed to save.

Sam Orlando Anderson was gunned down in 1998 under similar circumstances. Many fans of Tupac have linked the crime to revenge for the murder of a musician.

In a recent interview with the uncle of Orlando Anderson admitted that he could not tell the truth, justifying it by the “law of the streets.” However, now that all the other witnesses a terrible crime has died, he can reveal the truth.

The news of the incident shocked many fans of rap artist. Many of them were furious that Davis so long concealed the truth and could not calm them down. Anyway, the confession of a former gangster was unlikely to change something, because everyone involved in the shootout died long ago.

A new documentary, filmed by the famous American TV channel, will tell not only about the death of Shakur, but also about the milestones of his career. In particular, the creators will focus on the details of the artist climbing to the top of musical Olympus.

According to reports by the Daily Mail, Orlando Anderson was the one who shot the artist. In the criminal world, his act was known to many, but the patronage of influential uncle helped the man about a year successfully to evade responsibility.