Сын актера «Улицы разбитых фонарей» закатил экстравагантную свадьбу The successor of Alexander polovtseva married lady. The mother of Stepan, Julia Sobolevskaya, showed pictures from the celebration. The couple have chosen to holiday original outfits in the style of “rock”.
Сын актера «Улицы разбитых фонарей» закатил экстравагантную свадьбу

Actor Stepan Polovtsy, who is the son of the stars of the TV series “Streets of broken lanterns” and “destructive power” Alexander Polovtsev, legalized relationship with his beloved. Snapshot from the wedding were shared by the mother of a young man actress and producer Yuliya Sobolevskaya. A woman posted the photo to social networks. Frame instantly sparked interest from its subscribers and friends.

The couple chose informal images for celebration. The bride and groom went down the aisle in jackets-the black leather jackets and bright accessories. The girl dyed her hair blue, but not abandoned classical wedding veils. Stepan picked up a tie in the color of the pants.

“Stepan, wow! Children grow up! Congratulations!”, “Happiness! Congratulations!”, “Dad as like”, “Council and love!” “Similar to both, let them be happy,” wrote the familiar Sobolev.

Сын актера «Улицы разбитых фонарей» закатил экстравагантную свадьбу

As it turned out, the wedding of Stephan and his lady was held in St. Petersburg in early June, but they did not advertise this event. Before marrying, the actor gave a bachelor party for best friends, which they called “Malchishnik”. Later in social networks there were shots from the Registrar’s office.

Guests do not have to put on classic outfits, and allowed himself to appear at the event in the clothes rock. Friends of 25-year-old boy shared his impressions on social networks. “Stefan ringed!” – told his friend.

By the way, the father of Stepan, Alexander played third wedding a year and a half ago. His wife was a native of Novorossiysk Asana Muratov. In January 2016, the year their son was born. The heir was born early. As told Polovtsian before pregnancy Muratova they lived together for seven years and nearly broke up. Asana gone for a while from the actor, explaining his decision by the fact that he is not making any steps forward. The artist has revised the attitude to life and made her an offer of marriage.

Alexander is still friendly with his first wife, Julia Sobolevskaya. Their separation has passed without scandals and tantrums. 25-year-old son Stephen also talks to his father, the young man is not condemned his choice of new second half.