Айза Анохина «напала» на Викторию Боню Businesswoman harshly criticized the secular lioness. According to ISA Anokhina, Victoria Bonya humbles himself, leaving enthusiastic comments of celebrities in social networks. However, after some time, the woman deleted your post provoked a scandal on the Internet.
Айза Анохина «напала» на Викторию Боню

Victoria Bonia – active user “Instagram”. Host and model regularly leaves the social network’s comments, which expressed his opinion on this or that occasion. Many Internet users noticed that the woman often writes compliments to the celebrity.

Recently about the behavior of Victoria Boni spoke ISA Anokhin. Businesswoman and blogger gave to understand that it is extremely frustrating to see enthusiastic reaction of a socialite.

“Instagram” was specifically to bare, in every sense of the word, hungry women. Direct ugh, nasty. One Bonia worth. I don’t know why, because I did not read it, but under each post of all people see her drooling. And I was going to kill her fans, but the main thing in a woman is her dignity. And if not, it will not be worthy of next. A perfectly logical parallel, right? Almost everyone now has a price tag and, and it’s sad. And all because of the inability to use their abilities. Well. Officially declare that the era of escort services open,” with these words, ISA reached out to fans.
Айза Анохина «напала» на Викторию Боню

However, after some time, Anokhin has removed the publication, which caused heated debate. Probably, the businesswoman came to the conclusion that I was wrong, discussing the activities of his colleagues in show business. However, some members of the stars of the Internet has made a screenshot of her notes, quickly scattered in different groups.

Note that the ISA Anokhin and Victoria Bonya are in the list of the most popular women bloggers in Instagram. Their life is see hundreds of thousands of subscribers. By the way, recently a former member of telestroke complained to his followers that those not active enough. Victoria believes that there are social media users that do not subscribe to her account, but keep track of new publications.

“I noticed that in the statistics of my photos are viewing millions, but the huskies put a very small number of people… Envy, I will write you, but I think that this is something more… While “watching” my life is absolutely all – from the oligarchs ‘ wives and other ladies… Watch and secretly admit they can only imagine… Subscribe – not signed, but come here regularly… Why am I so cut all the eyes and ears?! However, I did not hurt, no evil is not wanted and not… What is behind all this?” – wondered Bonia.