Глюк’oZa вмешалась в конфликт Бузовой с Лободой The artist explained his position. According to Natalia, she previously defended her because he knows how much strength one applies to achieve heights. However, the singer does not deny that the leading “House-2” also managed to take a place in show business.
Глюк’oZa вмешалась в конфликт Бузовой с Лободой

Recently in a Network there was a scandal between Olga Buzova and Svetlana Loboda. Leading “House-2” reacted to the words of the singer for his fans that have been said in one interview. When this girl mentioned the fact that Quinoa is not a native of Russia, which provoked a lot of talk in the comments on the pages of both stars. The most Loboda prefer to limit the short entry.

“I am responsible for what I say, but not responsible for what you hear” – philosophically remarked the singer.

Natalia Ionova, which is familiar to both women, decided to speak on this subject, as the number of publications began to spread information about the fact that she was supported by her because they are friends. Olga Buzova responded harshly to insults Svetlana Loboda

“Let’s start with the fact that music was, and remains out of politics. I love quinoa, its songs and art in General. Not only that, she is clever and beautiful, and fantastic work ethic! Precisely because of our friendship I had the opportunity to see how much work is behind this charming and incredibly sexy picture on stage, so don’t write about that because of the close relationship I rushed to defend a friend, you would be wrong!” – posted by Gluk’oza.

However, the singer has decided not to detract from the merits of his other colleagues. According to Ionova, Buzova is a very punchy girl who works hard.

“Olga is not afraid to do what she wants, and I have these people respect. She gets a thrill from what was going on in her life, and it certainly attracts. In addition she has a great ability even the actions of the detractors to turn in their favor, it should learn. But honestly, now Buzova – more about business than about creativity, which, I think, is not enough. But I believe in it,” said Natalia.

Gluk’oza has urged social network users to write less negative comments to the artists, because nobody’s life will not change. Some stellar girlfriends Ionova expressed their positions on this issue.

“Frightening phenomenon of this businesswoman that she leaves no one indifferent, I really hope that more often in a bad sense! Nevertheless, here you are already, and Light seriously wasting your time on it, even live on different planets to my personal delight,” wrote entrepreneur and restaurateur Snezhana Georgieva.

Her words have been criticized by some followers of Natalia. According to them, Snezana was tactless in speech against the leading “House-2”. “I’m impressed. No respect for people. By the way, the fan of her are not. Just marvel at the behavior of people,” he surprised one of podeschi ion.