Grown up daughter of Igor Krutoy was struck by the similarities with the Hollywood star

Повзрослевшая дочь Игоря Крутого поразила сходством со звездой Голливуда Recently, 14-year-old Alexander celebrated his birthday. In this regard, the girl’s mother Olga Steep shared her photo in one of the social networks. Internet users found that the heir of the famous composer is growing into a real beauty.
Повзрослевшая дочь Игоря Крутого поразила сходством со звездой Голливуда

14-year-old daughter of composer Igor Krutoy, Alexander prefers to stay away from the cameras. The heiress figure in show business doesn’t do interviews and had an indoor “Instagram”, trying not to attract too much attention.

She recently celebrated a birthday. On this occasion, the mother of a teenager Olga has dedicated her touching post in his microblog. The woman really pleased with the success of the daughter. Wife of Igor Krutoy, Alexander wished all the best and posted her picture.

“Sasha, darling, happy birthday! Be healthy and happy! Let your whole life surrounded by loyal friends”, – said the wife of a famous composer.

Followers of Olga Krutoy joined her congratulations. Many followers Olga Krutoy also found that her heiress is growing into a real beauty. They wrote comments expressing their admiration for the appearance of Alexandra. According to a number of social networks users, that-like in appearance by Hollywood actress Milla Jovovich. “With the birthday girl! Great happiness and joy”, “I Wish you only the best! To her girlish dreams come true!”, “You have a wonderful daughter! This magical combination of light eyes and dark wavy hair”, “Cute girl”, “Pretty”, “Sasha has charisma”, “that’s crazy. It is a miracle to cherish”, is discussed on the Internet.

Add that Alyaksandr Kruty was born in July 2003. In addition to her Igor Krutoy has two more children – son Nicholas from her first marriage, which pleased the father, two granddaughters and step-daughter Victoria, who became a first-time mom a couple of years ago.

Повзрослевшая дочь Игоря Крутого поразила сходством со звездой Голливуда

About 14-year-old Alexander, who was born in the second marriage, people’s artist of Russia, not much is known. On the pages of her parents in social networks periodically pictures of the heiress. So, in July of last year Igor Krutoy celebrated his birthday in Monaco with family and friends. Among the guests of the composer turned singer Nikolai Baskov. The singer has published in Instagram the colleagues in show business and his daughter Alexandra. A rare shot of the furor on the Internet.

While many social media users found that Alyaksandr Kruty – a copy of his famous father. They also noted that the time goes very quickly. Recently, the heiress of the composer has changed and turned into a beautiful young girl.

Повзрослевшая дочь Игоря Крутого поразила сходством со звездой Голливуда