Солистка группы Serebro выпустит сборник стихов

The soloist of the group Serebro revealed to their fans in a new way. If earlier it was known as a member of the singing trio, now, Olga became a separate and independent writer. Soon will be released the first book of Seryabkina. A collection of poems singer is actually ready. Because soon fans of girls will appreciate her talent rhymer.

“I don’t really post their poetry, although I’m all in them. I want you to know that reading this collection, you will read me. And there will be absolutely Frank. I promised to release it early, but perhaps only now I feel that end”, said Olga.

Note that Seryabkina and have previously tried to create something new and not associated with the group Serebro. For example, in early July, the singer presented a solo song in Russian called “I just love you.”

The single was released under the alias MOLLY. New work Seracini was very warmly received by her fans. Fans noted that the song is merged music, voice and text: “Song of awesome”, “This caaif, voice,music, text, unreal song”, “Olga any song with your voice is a hit. A solo album is just the bomb. I wish you success,” “Olga, it’s a masterpiece! Love at first sound though… more Russian songs from you.”

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