Светлана Ходченкова освоила водные лыжи

Russian beauty Svetlana Khodchenkova is enjoying a holiday in Spain. In addition to delicious delicacies, a beautiful walk on unknown streets, the actress decided to treat ourselves to something extreme.

Far in search of extreme Svetlana did not have to go – once on the beach, Khodchenkova immediately realized what wants to try.

On holiday in Spain star has made the first strides in the sport of water skiing.

In his microblog artist has published an impressive photo, taken by someone from the ship, for which Svetlana would water ski.

She Khodchenkova admitted that the emotions derived from the new Hobbies, became one of the strongest during her vacation this year.

Note that on return from holidays Svetlana will return to work.

Khodchenkova agreed to shoot the film “My mother is Mary Poppins, where it will also appear Anna Mikhalkova, Natalia, Andrienko and Maxim Matveev.

“I would especially like to mention the fact that the main character will play two Actresses. One actress will play the heroine, which is all this is my mess, and second to disentangle, solve all problems”, — said the producers of the film.

By the way, Natalya Andreychenko (who plays Mary Poppins in the film of 1983) has a special mission: “We very much hope that Natalia Andreichenko will be able to add to the project the interest of adults and parents are our main audience, which in my childhood I watched the movie “Mary Poppins”.


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