The soloist of the group SEREBRO looking for a replacement

Солистке группы SEREBRO ищут замену Producer regrets that Daria Shashina will not be able to speak with the staff. Now she is thinking only about treatment. Fans regret that the singer will have to end the speech.

      Солистке группы SEREBRO ищут замену

      Not so long ago it became known that one of the singers of the popular girl group SEREBRO Daria Casinoi health problems. 25-year-old blonde told her fans that she was diagnosed with “congenital dysplasia of the knee”, pathology of tissue formation. Given that girls are working with full dedication to the audience from the constant stress, the disease started to progress. Well, two weeks ago, Daria had ruptured the meniscus in his right knee.

      But then bandmates and producer Maxim Fadeev hoped that the disease can be overcome and they will not have the hiccup is replacing Daria. Today, however, fans of the maiden pop group were very upset by the news that Casinoi have to quit the band.

      “We were hoping that a miracle will happen, Dasha will recover and will not need to leave SEREBRO. But the doctors strongly insist on operations. I can not say that this is terrible news for all of us. We love her very much, she is our child. If she has the will and power later – I always wait for her, our doors are always open. First Dora may have to leave the team at the insistence of doctors. So now I am forced to announce urgent casting” – said on his page on the microblogging Maxim Fadeev.

      It is worth saying that because of this haste it was decided to hold the girls in place Casinoi online. And, next week all fans will learn the name of the new lead singer.

      I must say that fans were upset when they learned that Daria will need to undergo several surgeries, which caused her departure from the beloved team. “What a nightmare. What a pity that the administrator is leaving. Her speedy recovery”, “Without a free will is not”, “Dushku pity, let him recover and back to the group,” wrote the fans of the team.

      Currently Daria is concerned about the upcoming treatment. “Now I just got back from the doctor, all five of my visit to the clinic – this is the only one that laid everything on the shelves and the worst thing – the doctor said that I should stop speaking out and urgently to do surgery on both feet, without touching the question of dysplasia. Now I discuss it with loved ones,” said Daria, “StarHit”.

      But despite the sad occasion, the chance to be part of the group. Requirements of the producer center to the singer quite simple. Girl age should be 22-26 years old, weight up to 55 pounds, but most fans were surprised that the soloist cannot be higher than 164 centimeters. And, of course, a future star, surely must have brilliant vocal and choreographic data.

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