Солистка группы «Пропаганда» занялась выпечкой
Singer Veronica Kononenko opens a cupcake shop.

Солистка группы «Пропаганда» занялась выпечкой

Veronica Kononenko

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The soloist of the group “Propaganda” Veronica Kononenko loves
to cook, and recently a girl on their own have mastered the production of glossy fashion cakes.

“The kitchen is my mansion,” said the singer. — I can
spend the whole day there: to explore recipes, cook. All the Goodies stand
to the family court. I love to experiment, I especially love to cook
something sweet. I just love homemade cakes and pastries. When I saw
these beautiful cakes, of course, got the idea to do the same with your hands. My first glossy cake everyone liked it!”

Despite the fact that all the singers of the band carefully monitor
her figure, to abandon the culinary novelties Veronica could not.

“When on the table
there is a lot of baking or sweet, we together each other pent-up, because
that stand can be very difficult, especially before the sweet, ” shares Veronica. But
the concerts and tours we need a lot of energy and good mood, so
before the performance we, of course, can eat more sweet. Fortunately, we are
an active lifestyle, so I never deposited. And sports us
always helps out!”

The soloist of group “Propaganda” despite the love of sweets, will look great

Photo: News News

The group is now “Propaganda” opens its brand-candy-shop,
in which the girls will sell glossy cakes and other fancy sweets. And
fans are already asleep Veronica orders for branded cakes.

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