Рене Зеллвегер раскрыла тайну своего исчезновения
The actress admitted that boyfriend has long believed the civil husband.

Renee Zellweger with the beloved man

Photo: Splash News

For six years fans of the actress tried to figure out where
missing their favorite actress, who played Bridget
Jones, so it appeared, countless crowds of fans. Especially all confused what Renee Zellweger
did not appear not only on screen but also on the Hollywood get-togethers. And here
the actress finally revealed secret intrigues all. It turned out that all
this time she was traveling around the world, keeping strictly incognito!

Renee beginning with Africa. In 2011, she went to Liberia — for charity cases, and later moved to Asia. The last four
she traveled not alone but in the company of her boyfriend Doyle Bramhall.
So, together they traveled by train the length of Vietnam and then on foot crossed
the border and thoroughly wandered around Cambodia…

The most interesting that Renee travelled light — one
only a backpack on his back. And, of course, without protection. As recognized actress,
she was all this time just happy she finally managed to find
anonymity and feel like a “normal person”. She talked a lot with the usual
people, and this, according to Renee, helped her to sort herself out. But at the same time allowed to find a quiet home happiness.

With Doyle Bramhall, as told Zellweger, they are familiar from early youth: growing up together in Austin. However, upon returning from
next trip, she suddenly realized that Doyle is the man
which she needs. “When I’m with him, I feel at home, wherever we are…” —
said the actress. And admitted that she and Doyle are so close that Renee long
considers him a member of his family.

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