Наталья Гулькина стала дизайнером
Singer sketches she comes up with for their stage costumes.

Natalia Gulkin

Photo: Instagram.com

Natalia Gulkin
now can be called a fashion designer for his ballet, which acts
together with the singer, she comes up with sketches. “I create each block to the costumes
dancers resonated with mine. I draw sketches of costumes, shirts, pants, thinking
patterns which should be riveting and rhinestones and where they should be, ” says gulkin. — And then sew the outfits

It is worth noting that recently Natalia sew for myself suits several sizes smaller than a few years ago. We will remind, recently gulkin told how she managed
lose weight and lose 20 pounds.

history of weight gain is commonplace. Giving all
their hand at promoting the team, to which I dedicated most of his
life, and after leaving him, I was so depressed that did not notice that
overweight, seizing the betrayal and resentment. I can’t say that eating with
morning till evening, however, allowed himself to relax: eating salads in mayonnaise,
fried meat, potatoes, cakes — all of which greatly contributes to the set
weight, ” says gulkin. — But I am about this
thought. For two years, unbeknownst to itself, gained 20 lbs. My concert
suits sat on me like a drum, and some even stopped
to button. Of course, I was very upset, but to indulge in food not
could. But seeing something on screen in the show “Live sound” in the form of a ball, I
was horrified! And then decided that need to lose weight!”

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