Солистка группы IOWA теряет слух
Katya ivanchikova is very sick in Venice.

Photo: Instagram

Big trouble has occurred with the lead singer of IOWA Ivanchikova during a tour in Venice. While walking through the narrow streets and canals, the singer was very cold. Weather in the Italian town now is not very warm. In the afternoon the air barely warmed up to 20 degrees, but with the sea the cold wind blows and sometimes the rain.

All members of the team were not ready to such weather conditions, because Italy our people still associated with heat and heat.

“Fly to Moscow very ill — complained Kate fans. — One ear is totally out. And similar symptoms in the whole team! Maybe we just need to get out of this town?”

The musicians are very much at risk, going into the flight with such symptoms. Even the common cold when there is a sudden change in pressure can result in severe disease with complications. And inflammatory process in the ear could easily trigger a rupture of the eardrum. Doctors recommend in such cases to cancel the flight to relieve the acute condition.